Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kinda Hello Kitty Bento

Monday, 7/30/12 - We had My Gym camp bright and early at 9am, which is normally the time we get up! So I had everything ready the night before.

Kinda Hello Kitty Bento
For her breakfast/lunch, I packed an EasyLunchbox with a revisit of the first real MOMables recipe I'd ever done - Under the Sea pasta! This time without peas mixed in, since she had picked them out the last time. It was the perfect choice, since it would keep her fingers and face clean (unlike a PBJ or PB-chocolate) before camp, and I had all the ingredients lying around!
Plus I had extra cooked house and man noodles laying around, since if I'm going to go to all the effort to make noodles (and yes, making noodles IS a huge effort for me,) I may as well make more. Just in case I want them for something... So I don't have to cook them again.

Tucked next to the re-usable spork, I used a cupcake-topper butterfly ring to hold her rolled-up cloth Hello Kitty napkin. (Be sure to check out her other stuff too!) I decided to stick in some Hello Kitty picks to match. Hence the "kinda." Silicone cup (holding the pasta) is from Daiso.
MOMables Under the Sea Pasta Salad, broccoli and yellow carrots,
Pink Dip, strawberries

For her snack, I had a washed and re-used Belly Washers bottle with a Hello Kitty topper filled with water, and a Hello Kitty snack box (thanks to my BBF from Bentoriffic, who found it for me Little Z at Target's Dollar Spot!)
For the crunchy, I used some Trader Joe's Root Chips, with some organic Champagne Grapes in the little cup.
Water, champagne grapes, Root Chips

So naturally, since we are not morning people and it's hard to get up and ready in time, my glasses broke first thing. I get out of the shower, put on my glasses, and next thing I know, one of my lenses goes flying! I had a repair kit in the car. But the screws were all jammed together in the bottom of their container, and wouldn't come out. Darnit. So we had to get in the car and drive with a half-blind Mama.
Z was not convinced at my ability to drive without my glasses, and kept worrying that we would crash into everything because "you can't see anything without your glasses!" I kept trying to explain that I could see shapes and motion and such, but not details. She wasn't buying it, and spent the whole drive fretting. And munching her breakfast/lunch.

After I dropped her off, I went to my eye place, and picked up the glasses I had ordered months before and forgot to pick up. Problem solved!



  1. Super cute! May have to try out the pasta recipe sonetime!

  2. Looks delicious!!! I'm glad you made it to your destinations safely! I am almost completely blind without my glasses!

  3. I love this bento, looks very yummy and it's making me so hungry!


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