Monday, August 13, 2012

Caspar Babypants Bento

Friday, 7/26/12 - Caspar Babypants, aka Chris Bellew (once lead singer for Presidents of the United States)  now does "Kindie Rock" and happens to live in the Seattle area. I... I mean SHE just loves his music, and so we try to catch a concert whenever our schedules and locations make it possible.
I had planned to make this lunch on the day we were going to see him perform in the park, but it rained and we stayed home. So I saved it for an afternoon of watching Caspar Babypants on YouTube. Errr... I mean reading and doing educational workbooks.
Mozzarella, Sunny Squash Greenie bear, PB-chocolate almond butter sandwich,
Annie's Gummy Bunnies, Honey Kale Chips, strawberries and blueberries
Googly Eyes: Since "Caspar" is bald, I just used my biscuit cutter and added facial features. And of course I gave the sandwich Caspar little cheese and half-currant "Googly Eyes" (secured with peanut butter. Used a straw to cut the cheese, and a steak knife to cut the currant in half.) Then just a currant nose and a large raisin to look like an open, singing mouth. 
I initially tried poking the music note picks into the sandwich too, to look like they were coming out of his raisin mouth, but it just looked creepy. So they just went into the fruit! [My note picks came from Daiso.]

Baby Loves Music: To go with the Caspar face, I wanted to represent some of her favorite music videos as well.

I used a mini Halloween cutter to make a stack of Little Ghost from Got a Little Ghost out of mozzarella cheese.

For what I thought would be a fun treat (but turned into a green surprise!) I used a mini bear cutter on my Sunny Squash Greenies to make either Stompy the Bear or the stuffed bear from $9.99 (which has been her favorite song and video for a while - so much so that she did her own set of drawings... on my important papers!)

Summer Strawberry Annie's Gummy Bunnies from my July Foodie Penpal were to represent Mister Rabbit or Poor Dust Bunnies.

And if she asked what the Honey Kale Chips were supposed to be, my answer was that they were messy, like Ramshackle! But she didn't question them. *sigh*

Mama's Lunch
Sugar snap and snow peas, cheese scraps, raspberries, hummus,
celery w/SunButter and raisins
In an effort to go through the peas faster, I skipped the salad and crammer-jammered peas into my EasyLunchbox. Plus then I was able to use up the last of the hummus that Hubby had opened and left neglected in the fridge for who-knows how long! I used a few loose peas and some bits of the string that had peeled off the spines when I cut off the tops to make a flower shape. Fun!

Scraps from her ghost cheese in my star cup, and a heart pick in some raspberries to make them neater for me to eat while driving reading my book.
And I've been missing having my SunButter Ants on a Log. Yummmm!

You Know You Want It!

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