Friday, December 23, 2011

Checking Out the "Competition" - Bentobloggy

Emily from Bentobloggy makes super cute bento meals for her daughter, E. And while Emily doesn't do as many cute shapes with her food as I do, she makes up for it with stunning presentation, an abundance of cute bento picks and accessories, and real food. You know. The kind that you cook. And make from ingredients.

Love this cute little Flower and Berry bento. Simple but visually appealing!

I like this Angry Birds one, since other than the actual cooked food, I could totally do this! Looks sooooo yummy!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are indeed heart-shaped ravioli! Amazingly adorable! (Apparently she found them at Costco! I want to go to there...!)

Super cute Hello Kitty (omigosh, do NOT show this to my daughter! Squee!)

I even managed to trip over a fun looking craft - making your own recycled plantable seed pucks!

She also shares recipes. Most of them are fancier than I'm comfortable attempting without adult supervision, but I wish I had seen her Leaf Chips recipe back when I had all that Rainbow Chard from my CSA!

You can find Emily and her amazing food on Bentobloggy of course, and also on Facebook!


  1. Love Bentobloggy too! :)
    Emily has fantastic ideas & delicious looking lunches.

  2. Thanks for featuring Bentobloggy, and congrats on your new little!


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