Monday, December 12, 2011

Checking Out the "Competition" - What's In John's Lunch Bag?

Since I'll be sliced open slasher-style popping out a baby soon, I'll probably be too sleep-deprived busy for a while after to make fancy lunches, or do fun stuff with Little Z, much less have time to actually blog about it! So I thought I might set up some posts to auto-publish at various times, so you don't forget about me.
Most of these auto-posts will probably be featurettes on other bento blogs that I stalk steal ideas from follow. Hopefully these will give you a little creative bento/"beautiful lunch" fix! And maybe help you find some new sites to abandon me like rats off a sinking ship get inspiration from!

Randomly, the first one I chose to showcase is Karen from What's in John's Lunch Bag? She makes bento and fun meals for her son... John. :)
She does the most amazing custom-painted creations!  (Using some kind of food coloring gel paints?) I am waaaaaay too lazy to ever go to this much trouble (well, we're not counting SkippyJohn Jones. That was forever ago, and I must have been insane. Plus these are far more detailed and insanely awesome frequent!)

For example: Here's one from her Christmas Countdown series, with characters from a Hallmark special. I like this post, since she shows you how she does these, which has convinced me never ever to try this myself!

But, oh! Just amazing! And check out her Little Critter one! Crazy, right? Crazy good, that is!

And while she does do some that are more my speed, like this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom one...

She also makes her son some fancy food... for no reason! And she's crazy good at making Angry Birds!

You can check out her blog and subscribe to her posts at What's in John's Lunch Bag? and/or find her on Facebook (and/or just sign up to get her posts on your FB feed through the Networked Blogs app.) She just moved her blog from Wordpress to Blogger, so if you'd been checking her out before, you'll want to 'Follow' on her new site too!

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  1. Awesome. Absolutely LOVE "What's in John's Lunch Bag?" ~ Great post, Kendra!


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