Friday, December 2, 2011

Little Clicks - Starbucks Fix

Since she forgets to use the potty at her drop-off preschool most days, we're usually a few blocks away before I hear her little potty whimper. And I'm REALLY not in the mood to turn around, fight the traffic for the Elementary school up the street AND the next round of parents picking up for the other class at her school that lets out just after ours. Plus waddle ourselves up from the parking lot and bust in on those poor teachers who are cleaning up for the day.
So I stopped by Starbucks to use their bathroom. I mean, it was on the way home and everything. And I had some money left on my gift card... Since I feel obligated to buy something if I use their toilet (if they sell things I like, anyway...) we got a kiddie (warm) hot cocoa and Z chose one of their Bistro Boxes for a snack. (I think it was the Protein one. Little bread thing, honey PB packet, egg, grapes, white cheddar cheese, apple slices.)
She also found a bucket of little stuffed doggies. One joined us for our snack, but then went back in with the others before we left.
 After fooling around with her cheeks full of grapes, she asked to use the camera herself...

Some snack
Self-portrait close-up
Mommy reading

More snack
Self portrait, with grape-cheeks

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