Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

No, I'm not leaving you. I'm far too self-centered and enamored of attention grateful to you all. But Unka Seesee is moving out.
"Unka Seesee" by Z
He moved in with us when Z was around 6 months old. So to her, he's lived with us her whole life.
He could always be counted on to hoover down any leftovers (I'm not a leftovers fan. Pretty much once it hits the fridge, I'm done with it. Except for PF Chang's Mongolian Beef. Or unless it has frosting.) Got five open bags of chips from a party that will go stale? No problemo. Unka Seesee is on the case! Trying out a new brand of cookie and not loving it? Leave it surreptitiously near his recliner in the TV room, and soon all you have are crumbs and a wrapper!
Up until recently when he got his awesome new job, he also did all of our dinner cooking. Lately he's only back from work in time for my 2nd dinner (aka: Midnight Feast.) So now someone else is going to have to feed a family of soon-to-be 4! Before he moved in, I could (and did!) get away with frozen pizzas, canned soups, and other frozen entrees. But now my child is actually eating food, and needs a healthier variety. Plus she hates soup.
And did I mention he did the bulk of the grocery shopping? While this meant that if I answered honestly, I no longer qualified for most paid consumer research studies, since they wanted the primary grocery shopper. But it was WORTH IT to not have to drag a recalcitrant child through a shopping trip!
I must admit, it's been nice to let her wander off to bother play with Unka Seesee, while I took a nap/computer break/lie-down. And he's far sillier than I am, so she loves playing with him. And he has a longer attention span/silly-play tolerance.

We just found a home for the store cat that Seesee and I had at our game store a zillion years ago, who has been absolutely miserable the 3 years she's been hiding out living here, tortured by our other cats. Which resulted in a night of tears, hurt feelings, and a sense of betrayal for our little Princess. And now, less than a week later, her Unka Seesee moved his stuff into his new place. I think it'll take more than just one night to get over this one!

I'm hungry... I mean, we miss you Seesee!


  1. Surprisingly, so far she hasn't really noticed. i guess it helps that he's been working 4 10-hour shifts, so he's been gone most days. She might see him briefly in the mornings, but we'd often be out the door before he was up (he worked 11-9 or 12-10 usually.)
    But she still sets things aside for him (like half-chewed cookies) or draws pictures she wants him to see. I'm gonna have to teach her how to Skype...


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