Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Five - December 2011

Top 5 Posts
1. So-so Snowman Bento

2. An Open Letter to Santa
Where I send Santa MY wishlist this year...

photo credit
3. Kimmens Tree MTM
Where I manage to toss together a last-minute blogworthy lunch at home!

4. Checking out The Keeley McGuire blog!
Where I drool over someone else's skill post one of my reviews of other bento bloggers
photo credit

Where I review FunBites and actually feed my child a real meal at home.

Top 5 Referring URLs
1. Family Fresh Cooking - Project Lunch Box
(Wow. Really? STILL one of my Top 5. From a post I linked up to in, like, September!)
2. EasyLunchBoxes Fan Sites
3. What's For Lunch at Our House - home of the What's for Lunch Wednesday bento link-up!
Really #3 was some weird site called, but when I click the link it wants to load some spammy video... not sure how it's leading people to my site... I like these hits better!
4. Bento Blog Network
Squeaked into the top 5 right at the end... probably since I actually LINKED something later in the month! :)
5. BentOnBetterLunches
Because she has my button at the bottom of her page! Scooore! Thanks, Candy Girl! You can return the favor by reading my showcase of some of HER lunches and clicking links to go visit!

Top 5 Referring Sites
1. NetworkedBlogs
Some app that auto-publishes my posts for me on Facebook and Twitter. Woot!
2. Family Fresh Cooking
Again, from that ONE link-up I did way back when. Astounding!
Mmmmm. I love being loved. Speaking of loved, check out my little Princess in the new photo slideshow on the ELB Home Page!
4. (What's for Lunch at Our House)
5. Bento Blog Network which JUST swept past Family Fresh Meals at the very last minute!

Some fun Search Keywords that helped people trip over my blog this month include:
macaroni and cheese in cupcake tin Okay. I can see someone looking for maybe little baked single-serve recipe ideas...
play doh bin with lid station that holds tools and play area Okay. No clue how that led to my blog though!
label turkey parts bird-pope's nose Hunh?

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