Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Checking Out the "Competition" - Diana Rambles

Allow me to introduce you to Diana aka FreeStyleMama from Diana Rambles. She makes bento lunches (and fantastic theme birthday parties!!) for her daughter, Dori. (Her other two are older and less interested in taking embarrassing cute lunches to school...)
Diana also runs the Bento Blog Network site where I've been trying to participate in the Bento of the Week link-up! (When I had something to fit the theme, that is.) Plus a site (Link Rink) just for linking up link-up parties! AND she does custom blog page designs! *cough cough* points at own site's new-ish layout *cough*

What I love most about Diana's bentos is that they can be shamelessly copied done by mere mortals (aka: me.)
Well... maybe not ALL of her bentos...
No Puffin.... get it? No puffing? It's a No Smoking themed bento!
Super cute ladybug bento! Not that I'll probably ever try braving egg sheets...

This one is fun, since it shows a candy container re-purposed into a bento box!

Another cutie! So jealous! Love this flower lunch! [I sooo want that flower cutter!]

You can find her bento meals, recipes and other fun posts about her life and family at Diana Rambles and you can also find her on Twitter!


Bento Blog Network

Link Rink
Custom Blog Designs
When I contacted Diana about giving my blog a makeover, her disclaimer states that she is not a mind reader! But I think she faked it pretty well, considering I went in with absolutely no idea what I wanted my blog to look like! As she showed me preliminary ideas and layouts, I was fairly useless, other than 'I like this font. And this one. And this one. Wow me.' or 'Hmm.. maybe too much pink?' and 'Can you scootch the jobber over a little?'

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