Sunday, November 1, 2015

Easy Halloween Lunches for Preschool

Most of my Halloween lunches this year were all "pickography" (using tools like picks and silicone cups instead of actual artistry to make it cute and fun!) And since my girls have different tastes and preferences, many of their lunches have completely different foods and themes each day. So here are some of my 3-year-old's easy "spooky" lunches!

Ham and Pretzels
Uncured ham, Glutino pretzels, organic carrots and grapes
10/7/15 - On a whim, I skewered her ham strips onto some Glutino pretzels, which was a big hit. She looooves pretzels. I don't include them in lunches a lot because gluten-free ones are pretty much totally empty starchy calories. But don't tell her teachers! I'm already skirting the line not packing dairy in every lunch! Lol!
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Creepy Spiders
Organic apples and carrots, salted hard-boiled egg, rosemary-garlic popped sorghum
10/26/15 - A few simple spider accessories made this lunch all creepy-crawly.
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Haunted House Tiffin
Leftover brown rice noodles with garlic and lime, organic carrots, uncured ham, pomegranate arils
10/27/15 - Happy Tiffin is discontinuing their shaped tiffins, so I bought a few on clearance. I ordered something else, but they sent this house one instead. E loved it, so I kept it. Since I was using the house shape, and since it was almost Halloween, a quickie haunted house seemed in order!
I sent the warmed leftover garlic-lime noodles in my C-3PO Funtainer jar because the lid was black and it was the Halloweeniest one I have. 
I packed a 2-sided spork because she'd need a fork for her noodles packed in the thermos, and a spoon for her pomegranate seeds. Perfect! She was very excited to use a utensil that has only gone into Big Sister's lunches in the past.
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Batty "Hamples"
Uncured ham and organic apples, organic snap peas, pomegranate arils
10/28/15 - I've seen ham wrapped around apples before, so thought I'd open her up to some new flavor profiles. E deconstructed them, but said she enjoyed the hammy-flavored apples.
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Tools of the Trade
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