Friday, October 31, 2014

Build-Your-Own-Mummy Pizzable for Lunch!

Build-Your-Own Mummy Pizzable Lunch for Halloween!
Friday, 10/31/14 - I wanted something Halloweeny for a Halloween lunch, but I also wanted super simple! I still had an evening full of assembling goody bags for Z's class and for non-food options for trick-or-treaters! So I chose a DIY Pizzable, with a twist!

Build-Your-Own Mummy!
Build-Your-Own Mummy Pizzable Lunch for Halloween!
Toasted GF flatbread, olives, pizza sauce, goat cheddar, organic carrots and apples w/Sunbutter and dye-free candy corn
To make this lunch "mummy" and not just "plain," I used Fred and Friends Write-On Buffet Markers and the wipe-off pen that comes with it to label each item. I was originally going to label the flatbread rounds as "mummy flesh," but decided that would be too creepy! Plus this way she understands the idea behind this!
Instead of "blood," I labeled the sauce (in an EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper) as "Mummy Juice!"

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I was careful to make sure that the food wouldn't touch any of the wipe-off marker, since while it's "non-toxic" or whatever, it most certainly has petroleum-derived dyes. And I carried her lunch to the classroom, to make sure nothing got jumbled up. Another safe solution would have been to put plastic wrap over the word bubbles.

To make the pizza base, I took some Trader Joe's GF pizza flatbread crusts and used my circle cutters to make small rounds for both girls. E got slightly smaller ones. Then I toasted them up in the oven following the package directions for making pizza. Because gluten-free bread alllllways tastes better toasted!

The Sweets natural candy corn (from Whole Foods, and also online from Natural Candy Store) was a little large for making "teeth" for her apple slices, but I couldn't resist! I was so excited to finally find some safe candy corn!

Simple Toddler Pizzable
Simple DIY Pizzable Lunch
The toddler doesn't know what a "mummy" is. Plus I was lazy. So she got a basic Pizzable lunch! This was the first time I gave her sauce to spread on her own, and it was a hit... sort of! She wasn't interested in the pizzas... she ate the sauce by the spoonful and loved it!

Festive Snack
Glee dye-free Gum Pop, GF gingerbread with Earth Balance buttery spread
Z's class scooped pumpkins the day before, and on Halloween would be making toasted seeds, which Z could have, and pumpkin bread. So I packed a few slices of gluten-free gingerbread (from a loaf I had just found at a local gluten-free market) for her to have instead. Mama had to taste-test first, of course, and I felt the bread was very ginger-y. But adding "butter" really smoothed the flavors out nicely. Yum!

Normally I wouldn't send extra candy on Halloween, of all days! But the classes at Z's school were "Boo-ing" each other, and Z's class would be receiving lollipops. So I sent a safe one for her to enjoy! Gum is usually a no-no at school, but my girl doesn't sit there and chaw on it. She eats it! Lol! So for her, it's like the Tootsie Pops the other kids would be getting!

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