Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mommy & Me's Toasted Cheese

Mommy & Me grilled cheese bento lunches in EasyLunchboxes
Friday 9/12/14 - What's more fun than grilled cheese sandwiches? Matching mommy-daughter lunches, of course!
Thanks to MOMables, I know how to pack grilled cheese without it getting soggy too. And my "secret recipe" makes mine taste better than your average gluten-free toasted cheese! (Hint: I sprinkle garlic powder and salt on the outsides of the bread to make it less bland!)

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GF toasted goat cheese sandwich, organic grapes, steamed organic green beans
Both girls love the different faces in the new CuteZCute Cuddle Palz set (also available on Amazon,) but Z's favorite is the hamster. I cut it before toasting, which helps bring out the details. And the cute top hat pick doesn't hurt either!
The grapes are hosting a cute little bunny/mouse pick. I don't have a hamster pick, and the sandwich cutter could be a short-eared bunny or a mouse too...

Under the sandwich, I put a piece of silicone trivet that I had cut to fit. It helps fill the space and adds color, as well as making the sandwich less likely to scoot around in transit. (It adds texture under to prevent sliding, and raises the sandwich closer to the lid.) Plus if you don't like your food touching plastic, voila! Silicone! (I saved the scraps to fit to the smaller compartments and snack boxes.)

Mama's Lunch
GF toasted goat cheese sandwich, guacamole, organic green beans
I'm not a big fan of cold cooked beans (but the girls like them okay,) so I left my green beans raw and added some Wholly Guacamole for dipping. Yum!

Little Sis Lunch
GF toasted goat cheese sandwich, organic yellow carrot, steamed organic green beans, organic grapes
E got the bread scraps from Big Sister's sandwich, so no cute shapes for her. She did get some yummy yellow (white?) carrot in addition to her "butter beans." I steam the green beans in the microwave by adding a splash of water, covering, and cooking for 6 minutes. Then I add dairy-free butter or olive oil (if I'm feeling lazy, which is usually...) and salt and call them "butter beans." The girls gobble them down and ask for more! I use the same trick for broccoli and they fight over it! It's a great easy way to cook a small portion of veggies to supplement a quickie dinner!

Tools of the Trade
 CuteZCute Bento Sandwich Cutter Cookie Stamp - Cuddle Palz  Japanese Bento Animal Cup Food Pick with Circus Tent Case 

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