Monday, October 13, 2014

Leftovers to Lunch: Pizza Fingers!

When I'm feeling too lazy to make Pizza Dippers (because getting out a container and Ranch or pizza sauce is soooo much extra work! Hahaha!) I just cut the leftover pizza slices into little fingers. The girls love it! Easiest. Lunch. Evar!

Big Fingers
Organic strawberries, GF/DF pizza fingers, 1/2 HB egg, organic carrots and sugar snap peas
Wednesday, 6/4/14 - Fun little gluten-free dairy-free leftover pizza fingers for my (then) Kindergartener. Since non-dairy cheese doesn't have a ton of nutrients, I included half an egg for protein.
Some zoo animal picks in the Driscoll's organic strawberries were a super-easy way to make lunch fun and cute!

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Little Fingers
Organic carrots, sugar snap peas, strawberries, and grapes; 1/2 HB egg, GF/DF pizza fingers
The toddler got a smaller version of the same meal. Other half of the egg, a few pizza fingers, and some nommy fruits and veggies!

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