Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stroller Picnic Lunches

Friday, 6/20/14 - There was a fun Kids' Day festival the next city over, and I didn't know if there would be any safe food options for us. So I packed some quickie snack lunches to eat in the car on the way that would also work in the stroller to snack on later. EasyLunchboxes make fantastic lap trays!

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Organic carrots, nectarine, apples, and sheep milk Feta cheese all around.
Organic tomatoes for Little Sis, organic plum and SoDelicious chocolate dairy-free yogurt for Big Sis 
Both girls mostly got the same thing, and I didn't pack any grains in there because I had plenty of grain-y snacks packed separately. And I packed a bunch of extra fruit into Z's box so that *I* could have some too!
The hunks of sheep milk Feta were by request. I had offered cheese and crackers and they opted for the Feta without crackers instead.

Tools of the Trade

Both girls pretty much only had eyes for the trampoline bungee jumping place. We basically spent several hours circling through the line over and over again. These guys have been to several local fairs, and E recognizes the lady who always helps when it's her turn, and they recognize us now too! Apparently my girls are so happy and fearless flying around up there, it's a draw for other families. I'm constantly overhearing "Look at that little one!" or "Wow! Look how high that blonde girl is flying!"

I love watching their spirits soar. It's worth every penny, seeing their joy, their confidence, their youthful abandon. And literally getting to watch them fly.


  1. What a fabulous day in the park this must have been! LOVE!

  2. how did you made it so that the yogurt/pudding didn't leak? EasyLunchboxes have said the covers are not leakproof.

    1. Great question. While they aren't leakproof, that doesn't mean that anything will ooze through. Still has to be liquidy enough to worm its way around the seal. And has to be on its side long enough to give the liquid time to do that. I use the EasyLunchbox insulated carrier that holds the boxes horizontally. So the yogurt isn't sitting there trying to escape the whole time. And I get thicker yogurt. If you can tolerate dairy, Greek yogurt is much thicker than regular (and much more protein/less fat than regular yogurt too, so healthier! I've only had leaking issues when my daughter didn't eat it all and then didn't put the lid on all the way before dumping the lunchbag sideways in her backpack. This was a non-dairy yogurt, which is also thicker than most cow yogurts.


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