Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Under the Sea Crabby Pasta

I cooked up some extra Tinkyada Little Dreams gluten-free brown rice pasta with dinner and changed it up for lunch the next day! Instead of whatever sauce we'd had with dinner (tomato? pureed green sauce? Can't remember) I was inspired by a recipe in my MOMables menu subscription and mixed the noodles with a smidge of mayo and added some canned crab meat. Fake krab not only has gluten in it, but also Red 40, so we only eat real crab around here!

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Big Fish
Crabby GF pasta; organic sugar snap peas, carrots blood orange, strawberries
Wednesday, 5/28/14 - I went with a simple underwater theme for my (then) Kindergartener's lunch with some dolphin picks, a turtle spoon (Target's Dollar Spot,) and a whale-y cloth napkin.

Little Cars
Organic strawberries, blood orange, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, GF crabby pasta
Because the Tinkyada pasta has fun vehicle shapes too, I went with a train pick and car spoon (Target) for a simple transportation-themed lunch.

Tools of the Trade
Product Details  Japanese Bento Cute Food Wiener Cutter 3 Emotions with Pick set      

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