Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crowning Glories

Crown cookie cutters are the perfect sandwich cop-out for this Mama. Easy for me, super fun for my girls! Sometimes I even manage to decorate them with candy or sprinkle "jewels!"

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Big Girl Princess
GF Dark Chocolate Dreams PB sandwich, DF chocolate; organic strawberries, apricot, carrots, sugar snap peas
Thursday, 6/5/14 - My (then) Kindergartener got chocolate squares in her lunch for a special treat. Which was a dumb move on this Mama's part, because I totally forgot that on Thursdays, Z had her OT appointment between her AM and PM classes and ate lunch in the car... next to Little Sis! Doh! Luckily she was happy to share, even though I wasn't going to ask her to. I figure it's my mistake, my job to suffer the howls of the toddler! It never ceases to amaze me how amazingly generous both my girls are with each other!

Teeny Princess
GF chocolate PB sandwich, candy-coated seeds; organic grapes, carrots, peas, salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, dressing)
Little Sis got the same crown sandwich as her big sister. Instead of chocolate squares, I gave her some extra dye-free candy-coated sunflower seeds (Trader Joe's.) Sometimes E will eat salad (especially if it's in MY lunch!) so I tried some on her again. She ate roughly half. Yay!

Little Sis got started on her lunch before picking up Big Sis from her AM school. Her pure delight in her packed lunches makes the extra effort so worthwhile!

Tools of the Trade

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