Monday, October 6, 2014

MOMables Monday: Jumbo Cracker Stackers

The girls really enjoy MOMables Cracker Stackers for lunch, but I only had some really large thin crackers. So I made it work!

Princess Big Sis
Sliced goat cheese, Glutino Table Crackers, Home Free cookies, organic sugar snap peas and grapes
Monday, 6/2/14 - Since I had large crackers, I decided to go with large cheese shapes too! I picked a crown cookie cutter for my little princess and a crown pick in the sugar snap peas to go with it!
Because every princess needs some bling, I chose some jewel picks to go in the grapes.

I included a few Double Chocolate Chip Home Free cookies for a special treat too. They're free from gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts! Totally school-safe!

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Little Sis Fish
Sliced goat cheese, Glutino Table Crackers; organic sugar snap peas, tomatoes, and grapes
I thought Little Sis might prefer some smaller cheese shapes, so she got a bunch of little fishies for her crackers. I gave her a fish pick in some tomatoes, and a heart pick in her grapes. No cookies for her. She manages to snooker plenty of treats before lunch!

Tools of the Trade

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