Thursday, August 21, 2014

Will I See You At IFBC 2014?

In just a few short weeks, I will get to attend  International Food Blogger Conference!  I haven't been able to afford going to a lot of blogger conventions, either in the expense of the trip (travel, lodging, convention fees,) or in time (asking Hubby to take time off his gets-paid-enough-to-support-us-so-Mama-can-stay-home job so that I can spend a bunch of money we don't have and go away for several days just seems silly.) And while people who go to the big ones rave about how "worth it" they are, I don't actually do well in social situations like that, since I don't actually enjoy meeting new people. Or talking to them. Or interacting in-person in any way...

Luckily, IFBC (International Food Blogger Conference) is close to home, so no airplane, hotel, or rental car needed! And Nana is coming over to stay the weekend and watch the girls, since Hubby decided that he had to go to a work-related convention that same weekend, even though I totally called "dibs" on my plans taking precedence when I bought my tickets September of last year!

And best of all, for bloggers (who agree to write at least three blog posts about the conference *cough*) it's totally affordable!

Despite being faced with actually having to interact with other humans, I am very excited to go for the panels. Where I can hopefully pick up good advice on bloggery stuff and photography stuff and social media-y stuff, as well as stuff unique to blogging about food, to help me "perfect my craft," so to speak. Plus I'll get to network! Tons of food bloggers (obviously!) Some whose blogs I read! Squee! I'll get to take photos of myself standing near them...
And conference sponsors! Food and food-related-product company reps I can shyly give my card to, to be lost among the other hundreds of cards they'll get that weekend! But then I can email them and say "Hey, I met your rep ___ at IFBC..."
And they give you goodie bags and samples and feed us... A whole weekend of yummy educational awesome!

For anyone who's interested in finding out more for this year or maybe next...
Organized by and Zephyr Adventures, IFBC was the first-ever conference for food bloggers, first held in May of 2009. The series focuses on three themes: Food, Writing, and Technology. This event will feature high-quality educational sessions, personal networking opportunities, and arguably the best food and wine of any blogging conference! This will be their SIXTH annual conference in beautiful Seattle, Washington!
Dates: September 19 - 21, 2014
LocationThe Westin Seattle
Registration Fee: $395 / $95

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