Monday, August 25, 2014

MOMables Monday: Elephant Cracker Stackers!

When I saw the elephant shaped Boon Trunk snack box, I had to have it! So I made an elephant-y MOMables Cracker Stackers lunch to go in it! 

Elephants for Kindergarten
Dye-free gummy hearts, GF crackers, salami, goat cheese and basil leaf, organic apricot and green beans
5/12/14 - My kids love cracker stackers... anything with crackers really. Or cheese. Or meat. I don't serve a lot of dairy (even though none of us react to goat milk,) and even less meat. There were a lot of happy dances this day!
I used my mini elephant cutter on some sliced goat cheese to make a fun version of the classic MOMables Cracker Stackers, but left the salami round. 
I found the perfect elephant joke on a Lunchbox Love note! I send them in special playing card protector sleeves so that they don't get soggy or dirty, and then I can reuse them!

Toddler Scraps
Organic green beans, apples, grapes, raspberries; GF crackers, goat cheese, salami
The toddler doesn't like salami as much as her Big Sis, so I only packed one slice for her. She got most of Z's cheese scraps too (Mama ate some...) and one elephant, for fun!

To help fill the space, I used a cheery silicone flower muffin cup to hold E's green beans.

Tools of the Trade
  Biting the Hand 

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