Friday, August 1, 2014

Powerpuff Girls for Lunch!

My 6-year-old (then 5) finally discovered the Powerpuff Girls thanks to Netflix. So I was glad that I had nabbed some themed cupcake toppers a few years ago when I had the chance! They are very much no longer available! I had also ordered the Powerpuff cutters from Warpzone Prints during one of their rare sales (10% off right now with code "yousummer" - not sure when it expires, so act fast!)

GF bread and sliced goat cheese, organic carrots and apples
5/19/14 - I wasn't sure which character was the current favorite, or even what their names were, but I figured the "pink one" would be acceptable to my girly Kindergartener. I put the open-face cheese sandwich in a pink divider cup in case the details weren't clear enough on the cheese. (Plus it helped fill the space!) I tucked a Bubbles head pick in with the apples, and a Buttercup ring in with the carrots. Big mistake! Keep reading...

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Bubbles for Baby
GF bread and sliced goat cheese, organic carrots and apples 
My toddler loves blue, so Bubbles was a no-brainer for her! The body broke off though. Oh well. She didn't care!

For both girls, putting the cupcake ring topper in with the carrots turned out to be a big mistake! The moisture on the carrots caused the sticker to get soggy. My toddler peeled hers off entirely, and the other one had a nasty water mark on it. *sigh* I saved them both, figuring I could put another sticker on the pink one and just accept the discoloration on the green one... until I knocked it into the oven by accident! Doh! It rolled deep inside, so took a while for me to find tools to knock it back out. It was toast. *sigh*

Tools of the Trade
 Powerpuff Girls Cookie Cutter Set

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