Friday, August 29, 2014

Kid-Friendly School Lunch Ideas!

{Nut-Free} PBJ-On-a-Stick
Z's Lunch: GF Sunbutter-Jelly sandwich, MOMables GF Apple-Plum Cobbler; organic apricot, green beans, carrots
5/13/14 - Cutting a sandwich into bites and stacking them on a fun cupcake skewer is a quick and easy way to turn a boring old sandwich into something fun! Emphasis on quick and easy! Whee!

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E's Lunch: GF Sunbutter-Jelly sandwich, organic carrots and strawberries
Same thing for Little Sis on a Yum skewer. If you don't mind some extra cutting and filling-spreading, this is a great use for larger bread scraps if you save them from making shaped sandwiches.

Green Mac-N-(Not)Cheese
Leftover GF macaroni w/squash and pea sauce, basil, dried seaweed, organic apples
5/14/14 - I make a dairy-free "cheese" sauce from pureed squash and nutritional yeast (among other things,) and added some powdered pea baby food to the mix, which made it greenish. Z doesn't mind cold macaroni, so I just heated it a bit before packing to soften it. I packed it in a gingerbread girl silicone baking mold, and added a leaf of homegrown basil just for fun!

Chips and Dip
5/14/14 - There wasn't enough macaroni left for E, so she got organic whole grain corn tortilla chips and a Sabra hummus cup (we get them in a huge pack at Costco and I freeze them to last longer.)

DIY {Sunbutter} Cracker Stackers
Sunbutter, Van's Perfect 10 GF crackers, Glutino pretzel chips; organic carrots, green beans, grapes, apples
5/20/14 - Z likes the build-your-own lunch types, so I sent her with a Mini Dipper full of Sunbutter and crackers for a DIY MOMables PB Cracker Stackers!

We got the spoon by trading in a bunch of game tickets (probably won by Hubby) at Chuck E Cheese. Having my kiddo pick that over some other useless trinket was a proud Mama moment for me... I've got a little bentoseusse in the making!

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