Friday, August 22, 2014

The Angels and the Phone Box - Doctor Who "Lunch for Twelve" Blog Hop!

In honor of the premiere of the Season 8 of Doctor Who and to welcome the Twelfth Doctor, Edible Geekery is celebrating with a lunchy Whovian hop! You can vworp vworp off to the next lunch through the link at the bottom of this post!

GF PBJ, Jelly Babies (dye-free!) chocolate coconut yogurt w/sprinkles, organic carrots and grapes
I ended up doing a hash job of it, but I made a sandwich for my oldest with a TARDIS cookie press. (Mine is from England, but a similar one is available in a set at Think Geek!)

My friend brought back some Jelly Babies from Canada (natural colors and flavors!) so they had to go in for sure!

I also included an Eleventh Doctor cupcake pick and Dalek cupcake wrapper from England. I don't usually like to include disposable stuff when I don't have to, but I couldn't resist these!

The Angels Have the Phone Box
GF PBJ, dark chocolates; organic carrots, strawberries, and raspberries
I had better luck using my Angel cookie press and Doctor Who chocolate mold (imported from England) for another of Z's recent lunches. Nothing to do with Twelve, but the Weeping Angels are characters Z recognizes from the show. I decided to use some wing picks to make the strawberry more angel-y too. Tee hee.

Two of Hearts
GF PBJ; organic carrots, tomatoes, grapes, blueberries, blood orange
My 2-year-old also enjoys her "Dokkah Hoo," but isn't as familiar with all the characters (except Ten... both my girls loooove Ten!) So for her, I just used a mini heart cutter to represent the Doctor's two hearts!

Keep clicking the Lunch for Twelve button to hop through all the Who-y goodness! Next up is Candy Girl at Bent On Better Lunches!

Tools of the Trade
 Doctor Who Cookie Cutters Doctor Who Bakeware Range TARDIS and Angel Cookie Cutters  Doctor Who Cake Decorating Kit 50 Dalek Cupcake Cases Doctor Who


  1. Geronimo! Love the lunches...especially the hearts. Cute, cute, cute!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE those chocolate molds! I must get them!

  3. Love the angel wings in the strawberry -almost makes it look like a Silence, until I scrolled down. . .huh, what? Oh, nothing. . .


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