Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happiness Happens. Every Day.

[This post is sponsored by Happy Family brands. All opinions are my own.]
My kids make me happy. I know pretty much everyone feels that way. But it's true. Even when they're being annoying, I treasure my kids.

Every time I wake up to see their (hopefully) sleeping faces. Every time they smile. Every little giggle. Every proud "I did it!" Every time a face lights up when they see their lunch. Every delighted gasp when someone sees an airplane or a bunny or a puppy...
Happiness happens. Every day.

In honor of National Happiness Happens Day (which was August 8,) Happy Family brands will be spreading happiness for the rest of the month!

Happy Family wants to know how your family makes Happiness Happen! Tweet @happyfamily using the #HappinessHappens hashtag to let them know how happiness happens in your life!

Or submit a video of your baby laughing, dancing, smiling, giggling, or just being HAPPY! You could win: OXO Sprout high chair, Maclaren Mark II Umbrella Stroller or $250 Babies-R-Us gift card! 3 winners will be randomly selected on August 20 and 27.

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