Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School with KiDecals Personalized Labels!

A few years ago I made the mistake of not labelling everything that went to school, and Z got her coat swapped for one that wasn't hers! Doh! Last year there were at least 3 other kids on the playground with the same lunch bag as ours, but luckily no one in her classroom had it, so there were no mistaken lunchy mishaps. This year I'm not taking any chances! Apparently the coats and lunch bags I like at Costco are outrageously popular!

[Disclaimer: KiDecals sent me a code for a free set of personalized labels.]

Since I have a lot of different items needing labels, and I'm too cheap to buy different ones for clothes versus lunchboxes versus shoes, I went with ones from KiDecals! They're all dishwasher safe as well as washer and dryer safe! Wahoo! Plus they have loads of vibrant and fun designs. Last year we got these Princess ones, which are great for inside shoe heels, jacket labels, and on the bottoms of bento boxes.

But this year I wanted some smaller less-roundy ones, so Z and I chose Ombre Chevron, which comes in two sizes of rectangles.
I just love these colors together! In the past I've opted to just use our last name and my cell phone number, so E wouldn't always be stuck with Big Sister's name on everything for the rest of her life. But this time I chose Z's whole name with my phone number. Our last name is fairly common, so for something lost at school, it would be hard to find the owner without having to call me. And I hate talking to random people on the phone. Plus, while we might swap bento boxes around, Z is the only one who uses her lunch bag and water bottle. And she destroys her shoes. No risk of hand-me-downs there! So I figured for those things, at least, we could use special extra-personalized labels!

Last year Z went to a private school for a half-day of Kindergarten, and then the public school for the other half. It was a lot of work for me, but she had been thriving at the private school for preschool, and I wanted an easier transition for her to the all-day public school. We tried our best, but she kept having more and more behavioral issues and anxiety at the public school, until it eventually spread to hating both schools. So this year, I found a Montessori private school that goes up through 8th grade. She tried a few weeks of Summer camp there and blossomed again. It was amazing. So excited to see what this year has in store for us!
Our "school supply" list for the 1st through 3rd grade classes is... lunch. Plus a coat each day whether I think she'll need it or not, and boots that stay at school. And optional snack. Easy peasy! And definitely label-worthy items!

Due to the popularity of this lunch bag last year, I made sure to put one of our KiDecals inside on the tag. Turns out I made the right call. She says there are five other kids with the same bag!

I send the same container each day for her water (and wash it on weekends,) so labelled the bottom. I like this one since it rarely leaks, and I'd hate to lose it!

We had the option of sending a coat each day or leaving one at school, so I opted for both. We just got the girls these fun Hello Kitty rain coats at Costco, and were apparently not the only ones! I saw three others at pick-up! So I'm glad I put her KiDecal inside, since this one will be living on her hook at school. I'm not always good at not losing her sweatshirts and jackets...

All set for our first day of First Grade! Well, except for the boots. It's a long story.

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And don't forget to check out their keyboard decals! I love the Trekkie ones!

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