Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elephants in the Savannah

Tuesday, 8/20/13 - This lunch theme was one that kind of came together as I packed it. I randomly chose an elephant cutter, and had some bird carrots pre-cut, and decided to go with a savannah theme!

Big Elephant Lunch
GF PBCo Dark Chocolate Dreams sandwich; organic carrots, apples, champagne grapes
The sandwiches were easy to make with my elephant cookie cutter, and I had some birds already cut out with my fancy bird veggie cutter. Since savannahs have rivers too, I added some carrot fish with a mini fish cutter. Baby got the silhouette coins. Waste not, want not!

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   Baby Elephant Lunch
Hummus, GF PBCo Dark Chocolate Dreams sandwich; organic carrots, tomatoes, apples, champagne grapes
I stuck chocolate jimmies into the bread for the eyes. E's sandwich had an air bubble in just the right spot, so the eye on hers stands out better!

Instead of more carrot shapes, I included some hummus for little sister (since she likes it,) and added a plastic elephant cocktail drink thingie to hang off the side of the Mini Dipper (I hung it there before serving it to her.) We got it with a fancy drink Mama ordered at a Mexican restaurant (non-alcoholic,) only to discover it had milk in it, so the girls shared it instead. They let Z pick a mermaid one for herself too!

Tools of the Trade
    Japanese Bento Accessories Ham Cheese Cookie Cutter Set of 3   


  1. Super cute! I love that lil elephant. Thanks for sharing to my World Elephant Day link-up!


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