Friday, November 8, 2013

FunBites Friday - Triangles!

Fun easy bite-sized snacks using FunBites Squares and the new Triangles cutters!
I had some fun one lazy afternoon with my new FunBites Triangles cutter and made the girls a few fun snacks!

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FunBites Butterflies
FunBites Triangles and Squares cutter butterflies and caterpillar snack
GF bread; organic carrot, cucumber and peel, sugar snap peas
The butterflies were made using the FunBites Triangles, and the caterpillar body used the FunBites Squares (formerly "Cube It.") Since the cucumber was a small one, the scraps made perfect legs, bodies, and antennae!

"Fun"der the Sea
Easy FunBites Triangles Fish!
Dye-free GF "TropicOs," organic carrots and sugar snap peas 
This carrot fish was super fun and simple. I used some naturally-colored blue gluten-free fruity TropicOs cereal to make the fish's eye and air bubbles. Both girls love these "fruity Os," and I was thrilled to find it! It's nice for them to have things similar to "other kids" once in a while!

Flower Fun
Easy FunBites flower using the Triangles and Squares cutters
GF bread; organic carrots, cucumber, sugar snap peas
More organic cucumber squares for the stem, and organic carrots and gluten-free bread for the flower. I gave the girls all three plates with some hummus and Ranch dressing to dip their snacks in, and let them duke it out. I mean "share."

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