Sunday, November 24, 2013

Simple Superstar School Lunches

9/12/13 - Lunches for my little superstars - filled with love. And stars.

Big Girl Stars
Hail Merry macaroons, GF PB sandwich w/sprinkles, organic carrots and apples
The sandwich was simple with a star cookie cutter, and I added extra peanut butter on top and added some India Tree natural multi-colored jimmies to make it exciting.

I used tiny 1/2" star and heart cutters to make imprints in one of the apple slices, to slightly brown and appear better by lunchtime! (I remembered a heart for this lunch! *fist pump*)

I cut several tiny star carrots just for fun. Which she didn't end up eating. But Baby loved them after school while Big Sis ran around on the playground!

To go with the star theme, I found a Lunchbox Love note with some starry trivia. (In a plastic baseball card storage sleeve to protect it for reuse.)

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Happy Little Stars
Hail Merry macaroon, GF PB sandwiches; organic carrots, heirloom cherry tomatoes, apples
Since Little E is more likely to eat her bread if it's cut littler, I used a smaller star cutter for her. With extra sprinkles glued on with peanut butter to make little faces. She loved them!

heart-shaped leaf pick holds together a baby carrot cut to make a heart, all on a bed of carrots shredded with a special peeler/grater tool. E also got a "star-studded" apple slice.

Tools of the Trade
         Biting the Hand

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