Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013 Kindergarten Snacks, Part 1

Gluten-free, dye-free, nut-free (and mostly dairy-free) snacks for Z's morning Kindergarten class, from the first two weeks of October.

Wednesday, 10/2/13
Organic apples, cinnamon popcorn
Monday I must have either forgotten snack and grabbed something pre-packaged, or else I just didn't have time for a photo. Tuesday's snack matches a lunch theme, and will be shared later.

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Thursday, 10/3/13
Organic rainbow carrots, GF Annie's Bunnies cookies
I was really pleased with this snack - all bunny-themed with the bunny cookies and bunny head muffin cup and organic rainbow carrots... and then I didn't have time to take a photo! But I made it to school on time (for once!)

While lamenting to the teacher (they come get the kids out of the cars) that I had to sacrifice blog photos for on-time-ness, she offered to take a picture for me! I love this teacher! She's really amazing - she even bakes cookies and mixes frosting from scratch for cookie-decorating activity, to have something safe for Z that is the same as everyone else. She even bought dye-free sprinkles this year on top of all that, so I wouldn't have to send them like I did last year (which is no big deal - I have plenty!) I'm going to miss not having her next school year!

Friday, 10/4/13
Seaweed snack sheets, GF Glutino chocolate-covered pretzels
Randomness tossed together last-minute. You'll be seeing a lot more of these front-porch background shots this school year... I am SO not a morning person!

Tuesday, 10/8/13
GF wafer cookies, organic sugar snap peas
The local natural market had a gluten-free tasting event, and one of the vendors had these gluten-free wafer cookie things that Z went gonzo over, so we bought a package. I hoped they'd entice her to eat her peas. But, no.

No clue what Monday's snack was. Must have grabbed something as we ran out the door. This 8:30am class time is killing me! Wednesday's snack matched a lunch theme, so will be shared later!

Thursday, 10/10/13
GF Glutino Pretzel Chips, pomegranate arils
I was super excited to have an excuse to pack this smiley spoon that I won in a giveaway from Organized Bites a while ago. It's too adorable!

Friday, 10/11/13
Organic raspberries, Late July lime flavored tortilla chips
This little girl is a citrus fiend lately. She loves the scent and taste of lime especially, but also lemon and orange. Since it's a harmless sensory seek, I try and cater to it when I can. Even though I'm allergic to citrus! Haha!
So along with some citrus soaps and salts (for bath time) and lime essential oil to rub on the web between her thumb and fingers (to sniff while at school to help her focus,) I bought a few lime-flavored munchies. The Late July SubLime Chips were a big hit, with both girls. And I can feel good about all the snacking because they're organic and 100% whole grain!

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