Saturday, November 16, 2013

Simple Fall Sandwich Bites

Thursday, 9/5/13 - School had just started, and I wanted a Fall-y themed lunch. Since E and I have Little Gym on Thursdays, I had to have lunches packed the night before.

I was still getting into the back-to-school groove, so was having a hard time photographing the lunches in the mornings. Now I just get to school late manage to squeeze it in. So these photos were taken the night before.

"Falling" for Kindergarten
GF Peanut Butter Co Mighty Maple sandwich bites, edamame, organic apples
I made one-and-a-half sandwiches for the girls, total, and then cut them into smaller squares. That makes them fun for Z to eat, and more likely that Little E will actually eat the bread. I poked a bunch onto a heart skewer, then put the rest onto some leaf cupcake picks.

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Little Leaves
GF Peanut Butter Co Mighty Maple sandwich bites, GF pretzels, edamame, organic apples and grapes
E usually only eats around half a sandwich, so I just gave her a few of the larger sandwich bites. I put them on more leaf cupcake picks to make them fun. She is even more likely to eat the bread if I've skewered the sandwiches onto something.

Tools of the Trade
  Food Decorating Pick Long Pix Stix Assorted  

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