Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cuisine Cube - Curated Gluten-Free Subscription Box Review

I'm a huge fan of monthly curated foodie boxes. It's like Christmas in my mailbox every month! (Well, technically on the porch. But you get my drift...)
Cuisine Cube is a monthly foodie box, but everything has the added bonus of being gluten-free! It's a great way to discover and try new things, without having to worry about weeding out the gluten-y stuff.

And although the November box was geared towards Thanksgiving dinner items, usually each box features something for every meal of the day, plus a snack and dessert! It's a really unique take, and ensures a nice range of different options each month.

[Disclosure: I received a Cuisine Cube box for free to review.]

Black Rice Chip Goodness!
Sunbutter, black rice crackers, homemade GF oreos; organic raspberries, sugar snap peas, carrots
I couldn't wait to get started! Most of the goodies I'm saving for a gluten-free Thanksgiving, but these crackers didn't last long enough. *burp*

November Cuisine Cube Goodness
November Cuisine Cube curated gluten-free subscription box
Aleia's Savory Stuffing - super excited to try this for Thanksgiving!
Lulu's Apple Butter - I am a crazy-huge apple butter fan. My first pregnancy I practically lived off of apple butter toast.
FlourBuds Raspberry Crumb Tart - my family thought this was delicious. It has dairy, so none for Mama. *sniffle*
Maxwell's Kitchen Turkey Gravy Mix - another hold-out for Thanksgiving Day
Grains of Wellness Black Rice Chips - These lasted only two lunches and one toddler. Nom!
Chebe All-Purpose Bread Mix - I can't decide which of the Keeley McGuire Blog's ideas I want to try... I'm thinking a few pizza muffins, some garlic breadsticks, vegetarian Pigs in a Blanket, and maybe a mini pizza crust or two... I might even share with the girls!

The Last of the Black Rice Crackers
Salad (mixed greens, artichoke hearts, palm hearts, tomatoes, almond slivers, hemp hearts, raspberry vinaigrette,)
leftover meatless meat loaf muffin, GF black rice chips, dairy-free onion and chive cream cheese
Another Cuisine Cube feature is that if you loved something, they make it easy to stock-up on some more!

On the fence? Check out some sample boxes, to see more of the great goodie combos you're missing out on!  So far I have loved everything I've tried, both from the two boxes I got on subscription, plus this one sent to me for free to review. And this is also the only subscription box I've had where I discovered new items that I actually went and bought again.
At $29.95 it's a wee bit more expensive than other boxes, but with Cuisine Cube I personally have had the highest ratio of items I could not only eat, but also that I've enjoyed! And they're all full-sized!

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