Monday, February 25, 2013

MOMables Monday - Super Star "Lunchables"

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Wednesday, 1/16/13 - I love our EasyLunchboxes for this style of lunch because there's enough room for everything, even with silicone muffin cups to keep everything separate! And although MOMables wasn't the first place I discovered that I could just make my own Lunchables-style cracker stackers, sifting through my menu and recipe ideas always reminds me that there's more to life than just sandwiches! (If you're interesed in trying the MOMables lunch menu and recipe planning service, you can click this link for a special offer discounted price!)
Raspberries, edamame w/carrots, mozzarella, cheddar, ham and turkey, Kashi crackers

I used a mini star cutter to cut everything into star shapes... mostly because it was the first cutter I found! The meat, cheddar, and mozzarella were kept apart using silicone star cups (mine came from China, via eBay,) but I put the crackers in a square muffin cup. They fit better that way.

For fun, I added some glitter star cupcake picks in with the fruit and veggies.

Strangely enough, my child has never asked for a Lunchable from the store! 

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  1. How much cheese/other dairy does Momables rely on? I've been trying to decide if its worth it with a dairy allergic child being the one I need lunch ideas for!

    1. It's used or included in many recipes, but not required for any. Like for this one, either use soy or almond or some other "cheese" substitute, or skip it. Send a side of coconut yogurt as a "dairy" option instead!

  2. Yeah. Haven't found an affordable cheese substitute yet (not to mention one DD will eat). Will have to take a look around for non-dairy yogurt. I've just been avoiding things I need to make a "substitute' for other than milk and butter (we have a soy margarine we can use instead. Or Coconut oil for baking. But that's expensive). which would explain why I'm having so many troubles figuring it out :)

    1. Hmm... Trader Joe's coconut yogurt is tasty. And they have ice cream too. Cheaper than the So Delicious brand. Or write to or call the companies - they'll send you coupons!
      I use olive oil for frying pans, and I use fruit puree instead of oil in baking. Healthy, and adds sweetness so I can cut out some of the sugar!

      The girls didn't notice that I had mixed some Daiya mozzarella shreds in with their regular mozzarella, but I thought it tasted really weird, and the texture was funny, uncooked. I wasn't a fan of the almond cheese. Tasted like "nothing," according to Z.


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