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February 2013 Preschool Snacks - Week 1

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Monday, February 4 through Thursday, February 7, 2013

TJ's chocolates, chewy bar bites, roasted pumpkin seeds, apples and pomegranate arils
I wanted an excuse to use my new Lunchbots Duo (Pink Lid), so I packed a few extra "treaties" to fill up space!
I used a mini heart cutter to make hearts from an Annie's Homegrown Berry Berry chewy bar. Baby and I ate the scraps.
In the other silicone muffin cup is some dye-free non pareil-covered chocolate wheels. They were a seasonal item for the winter holidays at Trader Joe's, and when we went there a few weeks ago, they let anyone who'd brought their own bags pick one of their leftover holiday items. I was leaning towards the snowman sugar cookies, but Little Z had the final say.
I tossed some CB's Nuts roasted pumpkin seeds from Whole Foods in the bottom of that section, just to add a few more nutrients! (They're local! I drive by them whenever I'm out visiting my sister on the peninsula!)

Chobani Champions Tubes Rockin' Blueberry, TJ's popcorn
I got some of the new Chobani Champions Tubes, so figured I'd send one in her snack. They're free from those pesky artificial additives, so now there's a kid-friendly "safe" yogurt tube I can find at regular stores! (We've been getting the Trader Joe's ones, since I have never seen the Horizon Organics ones in stores.) Had I planned ahead, I could have frozen it in the snack box the night before, then it would have kept itself cool and fresh, but thawed by snack time. And even if it wasn't fully thawed, it's still fun frozen or as a smoothie!
The popcorn was Trader Joe's Movie Theater Butter flavored kind that she chose to try instead of restocking her White Cheddar flavor.

TJ's Edamame Crackers, carrots, Ranch
I had heard rave reviews about the Trader Joe's Edamame Crackers, but hadn't ever found them until we went to the store up by my OB's office (normally we go to one closer to home near Z's weekly Little Gym class.) I had her try one as I was packing snack, and she loved them! So I put some in a silicone muffin cup to keep them from getting damp from the carrots. As you can see, the cups aren't as tall as these round snack boxes, but I was careful not to toss her snack bag around on the way to school.
She requested carrots and Ranch (!!) so I was more than happy to comply! I put the Ranch in an EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper so it wouldn't leak. The only down-side is that the Mini Dippers are too tall to fit in most of my snack and traditional bento boxes! Luckily everything fit in this one from Target's Dollar Spot.

A quick little snack packed in her new pink kitty snack box - some kind of minty chocolate cookie from one of my monthly foodie boxes, and some TERRA Sweets and Beets chips. They count as veggies, right?

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