Wednesday, February 6, 2013

November-December 2012 Leftovers

Random "boring" lunches that never got shared from November and December. What's that? It's now February of the next year? Shush. No one asked you!
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Wednesday, 11/7/12 - The first Wednesday of each month is a teacher meeting day or something, so no morning classes at the public school preschool. Z came to Baby's co-op preschool with us!
Grapes and pomegranate arils, leftover mac-n-cheese,
carrots, cheese stick
I can't remember why I packed such a small amount of food. Maybe because she eats more after recess in her AM class, and she wouldn't be getting that this day. Or maybe she'd eaten a big breakfast, or wasn't feeling well... Either way, my Lunchbots Trio was perfect!
I put some leftover Annie's Homegrown "Arthur" mac-n-cheese in a square silicone cup. I thought it would be a nice change for lunch. Just for fun I added a sparkly leaf cupcake pick in with the grapes. Because it was Fall. Way back then. 
There's a mini fork kind of hiding under the string cheese. (Mine came from Daiso and appears to be discontinued.)

Wednesday, 11/14/12 - Breakfast for Mama (and Baby, apparently!)
Biscoff spread on bread scraps, plain bread scraps, cream cheese bagel,
orange segments, golden beets, sweet peppers and Ranch
Little Z's turkey sandwich shape was too big to cut both halves from one slice, but too small to use up most of the bread. So I had a lot of scraps. Enough to make almost half a sandwich for myself. But, oh, bummer. Nut-free school. So I haaaaad to use Biscoff "cookie spread." (Shush. I know. I have Sunbutter and Wowbutter. I was in the mood for Biscoff. Zip it!)
The leftover thin crusts were left plain and saved for Baby, like throwing bread to the ducks. Over there. So you can eat in peace [for about 3.5 seconds... Vultures!] She also smeared cream cheese all over my new dark jeans ate some of the bagel. And sucked on an orange slice. Or three. Leaving me with the pulpy remains. *sigh*

Monday, 11/19/12 - Mama lunch. No reason. Well, other than I was organized back then, and had a week's worth of salads made up at a time in my EasyLunchboxes, just waiting for the little compartments to be packed.
Salad w/ carrot and golden beet scraps, raisins and sunflower seeds (in blue dip box,)
dressing (in yellow Smidget,) buttered Rosemary Bread, cheese scraps, Special K crackers
 Wednesday, 11/28/12 - A Mama snack/breakfast for Baby's co-op preschool class.
Carrots and golden beets, white bean hummus,
broccoli and romanesco cauliflower, pita wedges
Notice the hummus is a little messy and spilled outside the heart-shaped silicone cup? Yeah. Took this out of the fridge and totally dropped it. Doh! The lid stayed mostly on, so I only had a few small broccoli florets make their escape. (Since I'm good about carrying my boxes horizontally, the hummus oozing out of the heart wouldn't have been an issue, otherwise.)
And if you look closely at the top left corner of my EasyLunchbox, it's broken! MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN! I hadn't noticed until I opened it at preschool, and discovered I had a jagged baby-slicing gash. Don't worry. No babies were harmed... By the box. They got hip-checked if they tried to get too close to my food though! Omnomnom!
[In all fairness to the EasyLunchboxes, some of mine are 152 years old (okay, okay. Almost 3.) And it happened to land dead-on the corner. Plus any plastic (or glass) that's chilled or frozen is more likely to shatter upon impact, especially when made heavier with tasty healthy lunches! That's just physics. Or chemistry? Whatever.]

Thursday, 12/27/12 - Hubby packed this one. Looking back at my calendar, I can't figure out why a packed lunch was needed. He took this photo on his ratty old computer chair, so maybe it was just for fun to eat in the computer room.
Sandwich (probably PB-honey,) pears, "Hot Cocoa" cupcake, POPchips
Hubby was so proud of himself for "discovering" that POPchips were artificial-free, and safe for Little Z. So he gives some to her at every opportunity!

And we had a ton of leftover mini cupcakes. Baby's birthday was a few days before Christmas, so we didn't want to do anything huge. She's too young to care, and I wanted it ON her first birthday. In the future, we'll plan it for earlier in the month, so everyone can come. [Slackers!] But we'd been to Whole Foods for the first time since removing the additives in our diets, and her "party" (dinner out with all the family members that were able to come) was less than a week away. So I bought a dozen pre-made cupcakes there, rather than make them myself, or make a special trip out to the natural bakery 25-minutes away from home, near Trader Joe's (they use fake colored sprinkles, so I have to order in advance without sprinkles. And they're closed Sundays, which is the day we're out that way for Little Gym.) 
They had chocolate (bleah,) white (yayy! Pick me!) and "Hot Cocoa" flavored. I let Z pick, and she chose Hot Cocoa. I'm not a fan of chocolate cake. Oh well. It's not about me now, is it. She also got to pick a single large fancy cupcake in the bakery case for each of them, as Baby's "smashing cake," and one for her so she wouldn't be jealous.

So naturally we totally forgot to bring the durned cupcakes when we drove 30-minutes away to the restaurant in between where we live on the South end of Seattle, and his entire family lives on the North end. Doh! Luckily, it just happened to be near the Whole Foods! So we went in and bought them all again. *sigh* Since none of their cousins could come, it was pretty much just us eating the cupcakes, so we had a ton left over. Plus the ones at home. So in the lunches they go!



  1. That pita hummus lunch looks so good to me right now.. as in, so good, I may have to run out for Mediterranean tonight! Yum!


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