Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 2013 Preschool Snacks - Week 2

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Afternoon Preschool Snacks; Monday, February 11 through Thursday, February 14

Clementine, TJ's cheese puffs
I sent a lonely little clementine orange - pre-peeled, since she has a hard time with that, and I already got it "started" for her by separating a few of the segments. I used a silicone muffin cup to help keep it together to look whole (she's weird about that kind of stuff sometimes) and stuck in a leaf pick for extra cuteness.

Trader Joes Tuesday
TJ's whole wheat Donut-O, TJ's movie butter popcorn, organic sugar snap peas... from Trader Joes.
At a recent trip to Trader Joe's, Z chose a small container of donut holes, and I was pleasantly surprised later to see that they were whole wheat and sweetened with grape juice. So I decided to let her have one as a special treatie in her snack. I put it in a star muffin cup to make the "dish" look full, so she wouldn't be upset about only getting one.
I balanced the "junk food" out with some organic sugar snap peas (also from Trader Joe's...) And then used some of their Movie Theater Butter popcorn as a "filler."

She gobbled down every last crumb.

Wednesday and Thursday
"Everything Bagel" pretzels, clementine
On Wednesday I had almost forgotten to pack a snack, so I threw this together on our way out the door. I had a suuuuper tiny clementine that fit nicely in a mini muffin cup, and then filled the rest of a Laptop Lunches small container with pretzel rings.

She didn't end up eating it, so I just sent it again for Thursday (Valentine's Day.) She didn't eat it then either... And then we had "Mid-Winter Break" all this week with no school, so I just found it in her snack bag, all moldy and gross. Doh!

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