Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mama's "Artistic" Lunch

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Normally a "boring" lunch like this wouldn't warrant a post all to itself. But I got a little bento-y care package in the mail, and these beauties were packed inside! No not the food. Or the EasyLunchbox. The artwork! I'm just sad they didn't all fit in the frame, since they're all so pretty and creative!
Leftover turkey and cheddar pinwheels, "Everything Bagel" pretzels, guacamole pack, Sunbutter Ants on a Log, grapes
I apparently have hugemongous tortillas, since one made five huge pinwheel rolls when filled with turkey and cheese. No way could Little Z eat it all by herself. It was like two sandwiches worth! So I took the scruffy ends for myself and jammed them onto a long heart pick!*

I have no idea where I found these "Everything Bagel" pretzel rings from Rold Gold. I just found the bag over with our snacks while I was looking for pita chips. Helloooooo! They are quite tasty! 
Since the pita chips were nowhere to be found (apparently Hubby had swiped them and left them downstairs in the TV room,) I decided to try these for dipping in my Wholly Guacamole 100-calorie pack. I usually use veggies to dip, but I was feeling lazy and didn't have pre-cut veggies handy. I really need to block out a weekly meal and snack prep time.

I prefer SunButter over peanut butter in my Ants on a Log. Here I tried a few with some local-ish (Oregon) dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice that I got from Whole Foods. The rest have raisins. I think I preferred the "classic" way, but I'd eat them with cranberries. I think the berries will be saved for salads though. Although my faaaaavorite is little chunks of dark chocolate instead. Yummmm!

Tools of the Trade

*Haha. I love how some of this stuff comes out, and how verrrry different it is out of context. "Long heart pick" sounds like Exhibit A in a murder trial! I was organizing my extensive collection of cupcake picks and toppers; I put them in baggies by theme, then labelled the bags and put them into a large tub alphabetically. I have bags labelled "hearts," "heads," and "body parts." Every time I root through the tub, I find it hilarious. 
I sure hope I never get served with a search warrant!


  1. Aww! Beautiful art :) and yummy looking lunch! I will have to keep my eye out for those pretzels they sound delicious!

  2. Beautiful lunch and the art is priceless! <3 Is it bad that I'm disappointed that your guac pack is not, in fact, a minion? It totally looked like one to me. I squeed.

  3. I love it!! Can you come organize my picks in "interesting" baggies too??

    Thank you for linking up!!


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