Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Muffin Tin Meal

lunch sports food jersey sandwich football diva pick ring stars

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Hubby decided we didn't have to go watch the "Stuporbowl" with his friends, so Z and I celebrated with a football-themed muffin tin meal! The star muffin pan was the first one handy perfect for my little star!
lunch sports food jersey sandwich football diva pick ring stars
Parmesan star crackers, broccoli, white cheddar popcorn, grapes, toasted cheese sandwich, strawberries
I did a smidge of research, so I knew the two teams and looked up their colors. The Ravens are a deep "purple" (looks blue to me) and gold. The 49ers are "49er Red" (crimson) and gold. So I tried to get as close as I could.

I had silicone star cups in "regular" red and purple. Good enough! So I put one on each side of the "field" (broccoli,) and filled them with "gold" (ish) looking foods.

I chose red strawberries and purple grapes to keep with the color theme and stuck football cupcake picks in with them.

"Football Diva" helmet ring cupcake topper on top (because I had it! Haha!)

For the sandwich, it was pretty much my first successful attempt at making grilled cheese ever. Seriously. I just turned the oven to "Broil," buttered both sides of the sandwiches, and put them on a pan in the oven. And set the timer for every two minutes, and flipped when the top looked toasty. Yay me!
But first, I cut her sandwich into a jersey shape. I just cut up on both sides, then out at an angle for the armpits. And left the "shoulder pads" (the natural curve of the top crust) intact. I used a circle cutter to poke out a neckline. And then cut the "4" free-hand out of Colby Jack cheese. For my little 4-year-old!

I'll let you in on a little secret; part of her sandwich is an almond-based vegan "cheddar cheese." Baby has been turning her nose up at cheese, so I wasn't sure if it was a dairy issue, a texture issue, or what. Plus I like trying things. Even though we aren't vegan, I might have a friend who is starting and looking for things to try. Or someone going dairy-free. So I can say "Ugh, blech!" or "Oh golly, that was sooo goood!"

It was "meh." As Little Z would say, "This doesn't taste like anything." It didn't taste like cheddar. Or almonds. It was very nothing. So fine added to savorful dishes with lots of seasonings or other flavors. My sandwich was half almond-cheese, and Baby's half-sandwich was all almond-cheese. Baby didn't reject it out of hand, but didn't eat much either. However, she's had non-stop viruses the past three weeks, so her appetite fluxuates a lot. I much preferred the CoJack half. Little Z didn't notice, other than to point out that I'd "messed up" her sandwich, since it wasn't all the same cheese. But when I explained I had to fill in the gaps with extra cheese, she was fine with it and picked it all out from between the uneaten crusts. Woot!

I'll be linking up to Muffin Tin Monday at its new home, at Another Lunch!
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