Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's "Snow" Yummy!

Tuesday 12/20/11 - Decided for one little "last hurrah" before giving birth. Plus we wouldn't really have time to stop and get food between my final OB appointment and my final prenatal massage appointment. I didn't really have the time or inclination for anything too fancy, so I slapped this together and called it good.

It's "Snow" Yummy!
Z's lunch: "Her" snack mix, orange slices, PBHoney snowflakes, mini spoon,
carrots and snap peas, Greek honey yogurt w/sprinkles
I went with a snow theme on the probable chance that I wouldn't get around to posting this lunch until after Christmas. Plus the cute little snowflake sprinkle quins were already out from not being put away after a cookie decorating party I didn't end up going to.

The special Snack Mix was custom-made to her specifications. My husband gets all pissy when I go out and buy bags of pre-made Chex Mix loves to make Chex Mix. Especially around the holidays. But I'm not a fan of the Wheat Chex or the nuts. So last year he made me my very own batch! This year, he was trying a new method that involved smaller batches and using the microwave for part of the process. So he burnt the first batch made his kind, with all three Chex squares plus Cheerios, pretzels, and mixed nuts. Then he made mine, with just Corn and Rice Chex, Cheerios, and pretzel sticks (I prefer the sticks to the knots in my snack mix.) He gave some of his to Z to munch on, and she brought back her bowl asking for more and had only eaten the Wheat Chex out of it. He tried giving her some of my mix, but she howled that she wanted the "BWOWN SQWARES PWEASE!" So they concocted their own little mix just for her, with Wheat Chex, Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, and pretzel sticks.

I used my mini and large snowflake cutters, even though they are the lamest-looking snowflake shapes I've ever seen. I managed to make one big and two small ones from her peanut-butter-honey sandwich, with some scraps left for me!

For her yogurt, I wanted to use my snowflake quins, but was worried that they wouldn't show up well on the white yogurt. So I went digging into my sprinkles tote to find some blue sugar. While I was there, I grabbed my sugar pearls too. I really like how it turned out! So did Z!

My Lunch:
PBHoney sandwich, Ranch, carrot sticks w/broccoli
and baby tomatoes, organic apple slices
She loved her lunch, but was confused by the "sunshines." She thought the sandwiches were all suns. Oh well. She still loved them. She used that to justify eating the yogurt first, so the snow wouldn't melt! I included a spoon, since I didn't think the snowflake quins would fit through the straw, which is her current favorite method of eating yogurt. It's MY favorite method for her to use as well, since the straw is less messy; she's not trying to transfer gobs of drippy yogurt from her lap to her face in a moving vehicle! She can just slorp it right up! But I offered her a straw as well. She used both. [I keep a resealable packet of straws in the car. Her milk boxes come with collapsible straws which inevitably end up lost inside the milk box, so now I just use it to puncture the seal and trade it for a real straw. And if we happen to get fast food, my bendy straws are easier for her to use without tipping the milk bottle and spilling while in the car.]
She didn't eat much of anything else, despite me whipping it out all day for her to snack on. I think she ended up eating the veggies, after I gave her the rest of my Ranch cup. And some orange slices, and maybe the snack mix... I may have eaten it though. I can't remember. I think she ate part or most of the larger sandwich...

My OB appointment went well, and my massage was divine! :)

White silicone muffin cup found on eBay (imported from China.) Light blue silicone cup from Wilton, in my EasyLunchBoxes. Mini snowflake cutter came in a set of 18 large and 18 small Wilton cutters I found at JoAnn's last year. Don't see it anywhere else. Little blue penguin spoon is from a bento set I got at Daiso. Mini blue silicone cup (in my lunch) from Cost Plus World Market ($2.99/12!) It fit snugly between my sandwich and the lid. I was very pleased.


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