Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WFLW - Thinking Of Spring!

For this week's Tuesday after-gym bento, I did no planning beforehand, and no prep the night before. (I fell asleep with the Z Monday night!) And we slept in ad were running late Tuesday morning (surprise, surprise) so I had only a little over an hour to put together our lunches, get her up and dressed, and get us to gym class. Immediately after class, we'd be headed up to pick up my mom, who was having cataract surgery.
I chose the Goodbyn, since it makes a nice tray to eat from in her carseat. It's a little deep, so not as good for lots of little things, but the EasyLunchbox (my other in-car go-to box) was going to be too small for all the stuff I wanted to include. Since she wouldn't have time for breakfast at home, I wanted enough food to eat on the way to gym class too. I chose green to be more Spring-y!
So for an easy theme, I chose flowers, since I wanted something sunny and cheerful to start my day!
Tulips (apples,) Daisies (cheese,) More Tulips (PB tortillas,)
Chocolate soy milk box, "Berries" (Godiva candy-coated chocolate balls,)
"Twigs and Leaves" (Pretzel sticks and Sweet Potato chips,) Butterflies (kiwi,) Ranch, "Branches" (PB celery)
The tulip apples were fun. We had half a Cameo that had been sitting face-down out on the cutting board for a few days, after a quickie late-night snack. It hadn't turned brown or anything! So I didn't bother sloshing them in apple juice. I used a cute little stem pick from a tulip hot dog shaper set, and the cutter from a mini Easter set.
We got a kiwi from Gramma Barp's house on Sunday. We had a farewell/early-birthday party for Z's Uncle Chris (my stepbrother-in-law! Love this family!) Z saw them on Gramma Barp's counter on our way out and asked for one. Yum! I love how it fancies up the butterfly wings! (Another mini-Easter cutter.)
Colby Jack cheese using a mini daisy cutter from the same set. She hasn't been eating her Colby Jack lately, and refused to eat it again today. *sigh* Cut-up string cheese nibblets are just so... boring. Ah well. Maybe I can work with slices of mozzerella to make shapes, or something.

For the PB tortilla sandwiches, I just spread PB on half a tortilla (I like the Mission brand ones,) folded it in half, and used my new tulip cutter from my Santa Swap partner Ver, from It's "A" Sweet Life. I opted not to use jelly or honey, since I've learned from past experience that they make their whole area in the container sticky by the time lunch rolls around. Which makes her all sticky when she eats them, which makes me all sticky, trying to wipe/feed/corral her. Not to mention making the carseat/table at gym class/water bottle/iPhone all sticky. (In case your deductive reasoning powers are asleep at the wheel, I'm not a fan of sticky. Which is hugely ironic and oftentimes humorous [to traitors friends and other bystanders] considering I frequently let my child eat messy, sticky things. The only clothes she owns without stains or bits of food permanently stuck on them still have tags! I have no clothes with tags still. *sigh*)

I packed my lunch in an EasyLunchbox. We got these pretzel sticks from Costco. They're organic and whole wheat, so they don't really taste like pretzels. More like salty, crunchy breadsticks. The sweet potato chips are from TERRA Chips. I love the Nutella tortilla roll-ups, since they taste like chocolate donuts! The tomatoes and broccoli are the last remnants of a veggie tray I got from my friend Jessica after a party at her house on Sunday, that I then turned around and fed to guests at Gramma Barp's party later that day! Woot! I realized later that the Ranch container in Z's box was useless, since I did a last-minute substitution of PB celery instead of carrots in there! Oops! So I used it for my meager veggies!
Nutella tortilla roll-ups (with PB tortilla scraps underneath,) pretzels and sweet potato chips,
tomatoes and broccoli with cheese scraps, kiwi and apple scraps.
She refused to allow me to take her picture. She kept pretending to look out the window until I'd put the camera away.

But I keep my passeger-side visor down and angled so I can keep an eye on her. Snap!

We got to gym class in time for the big trampoline. She got Miss Rae today, her favorite teacher. She's not good with new people.

And while she was jumping, I get a call from the surgery center, saying that my mom's surgery is over and she's all woken up and ready to be picked up... over half-an-hour early! And I'm still 30 minutes away! So I let Z finish trampoline time, then off we went! A whole 5-10 minutes of gym class! And we missed class the last 2 weeks, due to sleeping in perpetual lateness a cold.

She ended up stealing my lunch, since I didn't get a chance to eat it first, and licked all the Nutella off my tortillas. Nutella Ninja! She ate no apples, celery or cheese. Only the Godiva chocolate balls, a PB tortilla tulip sandwich, half of her pretzels, all of her (few) sweet potato chips, one kiwi butterfly and my Nutella. [Yes. I ate my licked-off tortillas. They tasted like licked-off chocolate donuts. Still yummmm!]

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  1. I really like your Goodbyn box! I was thinking of getting one too but am still thinking about it! haha

    Love the tulips too. You know, I'm a bento gadgets junky and surprisingly I managed to resist from buying this particular tulip & leaf set??!!! After seeing how cute your tulips now... I think I must get a set!!!

  2. thank you.. :) I'm so pleased to read your comment on my blog.
    is it clear enough to understand, i mean, my English script for the article?
    I'm trying to make two versions of languages recently (i have to see the Google translate again--and again--for that.. ^^). hopefully my international readers could read and understand the outline of my writings.. let me know if these are good enough.. :D

    i love to see your bento to.. it's lovable though it's simple. is that your daughter? she's an angel.. :)
    nice to meet you Ludicrous Mama.. :)

  3. I am just starting to bento with my almost 2 year old for his daycare lunches. You are so inspiring and I am so excited!

  4. We got a Goodbyn before Christmas and I've been scared to use it! I might have to now, I 'm just afraid my kindergartener won't be able to open and close it on her own. This looks yummy!

  5. I love the kiwi butterflys. The color of the fruit works really well, with the white down the middle. Very nice!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog- I can tell you know all too well. Oh, what a wild ride it is.


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