Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WFLW - Hangin' With My Peeps!

This week I did two bentos for Tuesday! One for Little Z and me to take to gym (which didn't end up happening. We were running so late, we would have missed over half the class. So I took her straight to an indoor play area we had planned on meeting other mommies at after gym and ate in the car.) The other bento was Monday night leftovers from dinner at the mall for my husband!

Hangin' With My Peeps
PB celery, Hard-boiled egg, PBHoney sandwich,
crunchy peas in chickie container, broccoli and carrots, apples and blueberries.
We just restocked our celery, and The Princess is actually able to chew it up now, so I'm trying to remember to use it more. Plus it's yummy with peanut butter!
I originally only had the one little ducky pick in the hard-boiled egg (the last egg from my recent batch. Need to look up the directions again and make more!) but Princess grabbed the transparent pink and green chicks and jabbed them in too. The little container is a sauce container, but I put salt in it for the egg.
I just bought some crunchy 'baked peas' from an Asian market (along with the ducky sauce container, large chick sprinkle container and the transluscent chickie picks) and put some in my new chickie container. Her Majesty didn't like them. There's a disposable Ranch container from McD hiding under the broccoli, and a caramel dipping sauce one under the blueberries.
All in my new 4-compartment Lock-and-Lock container, also from the Asian market.


Year of the Bunny
For my husband, I packed his leftover teriyaki chicken and fried rice into an EasyLunchbox. I jammed some fried rice into my new rabbit rice mold (bought Sunday at the Asian market) and placed a pea where the eye would go. The containers in the top left compartment contain: (orange square with bunny) Sriracha hot sauce, (green bunny head) roasted sesame seeds and (pink bunny bottle) soy sauce. And a cute bunny pick to top it all off. I couldn't make it all too cute, especially as he whined and moaned about having to drag the containers on the bus to work and back and told me not to bother.

Super Bonus Bento
I made this bento in my Sassy On-the-Go box  for Z to eat in the car on the way to my sister's house last Wednesday.
PBH bear sandwiches, apple slices, cheese curds

Random other bento last week.
PBH sandwich, string cheese stick, baby tomatoes, carrot sticks,
apples and blueberries, with Ranch in the little blue container below.
Bento Lunch


  1. Ow, they are so nice...
    I love lock and lock container too :)

  2. Oh those little bear sandwiches are darling!!


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