Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tried-It-Tuesday - Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition!

Notice anything... different? No. Not a haircut. Lost weight? Probably not, thanks to McDonalds No, but thanks for asking!
My BLOG! That's right! I finally sprung for a professional to update my graphics. And by "sprung" I mean "downloaded for free" and by "professional" I mean "inept novice" [ie: me.] I burned the site's FAQs and tutorial videos into my retinas and somehow managed to mostly hash it all together. Where did I find these wonderful [free!!] graphics, you might ask? If you look in the top left corner, you'll see. Shabbyblogs.com. Or click this button to go to their site!

I even downloaded some tags and buttons and fun stuff, which I'll get around to installing eventually. If someone [you know who you are!] ever learns to fall asleep by herself so I can actually do something at night that doesn't cut into my sleep time!
So expect to see more little (or big) changes here and there as I try different styles or add fancy graphical tags (like 'Follow' 'About' etc.)

So this is the new thing *I* tried this week... Link up or comment on something new you've cooked, done, or tried since last Tuesday!


  1. I'm sad. Your blog no longer fits on my screen :( The graphics bleed over into the sidebar.

    At least I did find the Newer Post/Older Post buttons. Yay!

  2. Hint to help with width stuff -- try using percentages instead of dictating the size of stuff. Then it (is supposed to) scale with different sizes of monitors.

  3. Hmm... All I did was cut and paste the HTML... not sure how to change the %... I did make my banner larger, but I can easily pop the smaller one in, if the banner was the problem... Or I can try this graphic in a 2-column version, rather than the 3-column, but when I did that with a different graphic it bled under my posts, which I didn't like.

  4. Okay. Let me know if that's any better. If it's just that some photos/pictures are slobbing over to the right and bonking into my buttons and lists and adds and such, that's because I'm making those particular ones 'extra large' to show off all the details.

  5. Basically, I know nothing about HTML, so I can't really change anything... maybe Unka Seesee can help me... he helped me do an HTML thing for Facebook once, to get people to join my mafia and such in games


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