Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WFLW - Bento For Daddy - or - Hey, Nice Balls!

This is actually a bento I did last year, the week after Christmas. But I forgot to post it, and this week I didn't end up doing a bento. The one I had started for after gym class on Tuesday got aborted when we stayed home because her nose was all snorky, and then we got invited next door to have lunch with her friend (grilled cheese and clam chowder! Yum!) so I didn't just feed it to her at home later.

I had gone out to dinner with my sister (Auntie Kayneen) and our mom (Grammelena) after a monumental clearance clothing shopping spree at a local outlet mall. We chose Thai, since we all love it, even Little Z! I had some of my Swimming Rama left over (ordered with mixed veggies instead of spinach, since I hate soggy spinach leaves.) I decided that since my hubby would be taking it to work the next day to eat for lunch anyway, it would be fun to make it into a bento for him!
Rice balls, string cheese nibblets, Swimming Rama, red pepper flakes
I would have put red pepper flakes into a cute little condiment container, but my husband had just bought a bottle to keep at work to jazz up leftover pizza, so I packed that with it. I did use a cute fork from Daiso's bento section, a silicone cup to hold the cheese, and nori (dried seaweed) faces on the rice balls, using my new face punches I got on eBay. [Teehee. Face Punch. I'm going to have to think of clever ways to get all punny with that for next time!]

I made the rice balls using the same technique as my sandwich balls. (Rice, sandwich baggie. Fill, shape and twist.)
My husband thought it was silly thoughtful, but we ended up getting snowed in the next day, so he ate it at home. Ah well. I'm sure I'll have more opportunity to embarrass him create fun lunches for him again!

Bento Lunch


  1. So cute!
    New follower

  2. I had to check out this post just for the name! LOL!!! I can't wait until my oldest is in school so I can make her little bento lunches. I don't think my husband would go for it... he's a high school administrator and rarely sits down to eat lunch. Off to check out your sandwich balls! :)

  3. I love your bento, and your happy/hilarious humour! And totally relate to the blundering thru motherhood. Ya gotta laff!


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