Monday, January 3, 2011

Tried-It-Tuesday - We're Baaaa-aaack!

Sorry for the hiatus. The holidays had me running so ragged, it'd be Wednesday before I realized I had forgotten to post for the week! But you were warned from the beginning - sometimes I just flake. :)

This week I'll link up my Onion Rings, since they were such a hit, and so out of my comfort zone. (Toast is too many steps for me, quite frankly. Take bread out of bag. Re-seal bag. Put toast in toaster. Wait. Remove toast owowhot! Butter toast. Sheesh.)

I also want to tell you about my husband's new blog which I will force him to he will link up. It's also cooking-related, and about trying new things. The three years we lived in separate states were the best thing that ever happened to us, for so many reasons. [Bear with me here. It becomes relevant.] We were we able to see that we wanted to be with each other for real, and not just because we were used to each other, or settling. And he was also forced to learn to cook for himself. (Not that I cooked for him before he left or anything. Really, I don't know why he decided he needed to cook. *I* survived on take-out and frozen entrees while he was gone!) He found that not only was he quite good at it, but also that he enjoyed it. Now I get to enjoy it to. His cooking, that is. I'm still not sure I enjoy the actual cooking process. But if I can give up playing World of Warcraft [*twitch*] for my child, I can learn to cook for her too. Darnit.

Link up or leave a comment on something new you've made, cooked, done or tried this week!

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