Monday, January 24, 2011

Tried-It-Tuesday - 2011, Week 4

I can't think of anything new I did this week. Other than pimp out my husband's blog in a more blatant way, by including it in my giveaway! But I've done a giveaway before... But CSNStores paid for most of that prize I guess (I just paid some of the shipping.)
So... My first out-of-pocket giveaway! And my first major followers milestone! [Major to ME anyway!]  I'm super excited about it, and I've been hoarding stuff, saving duplicates, and buying extras when I see awesome deals, in the hopes of a Muffin Tin Meals swap, like I read about last year. But that didn't happen, so now I get to give it away! I'm super pumped, since I paid only $1.50 each for most of the items (the Betty Crocker Food Writers were a few bucks, and the bento box was $3. The silicone muffin liners were $4. And the metal cookie cutters came in a set, so who knows. But the rest were all $1.50 from Daiso, and a few items were $1 from Dollar Tree!) But the Daiso stuff sells wholesale for the same price as I'm paying retail at their stores, so,, and vendors on eBay charge $2.50-4 for THE SAME ITEM! Plus shipping! So I love having a super expensive prize pack that cost me a pile less!

OH! OH! I almost forgot! My first ever blogger event! Blogger's Night Out! While I don't really advertise it much here, I certainly don't hide the fact that we had trouble trying to make babies, and had to turn to specialists (and a gift of cash from my Grandma.) So while I joke that my Grandma got me knocked up, this little scientific miracle is nothing to sneer at! And it's so hard to talk about, since anyone who hasn't experienced this can't possibly understand. So it was wonderful to meet some local ladies who blog about their trials and successes, and to get advice, comfort and friendship from women who know exactly how I feel. Plus... cheesecake! Omnomnom!
Left to right: My friend Sunny from Sunny in Seattle, Me; and my new friends, Jen from The Best Laid Plans, and Katie from Taking the Statistical Bullet. The photographer was a wonderful lady, whose story is closest to mine, but she chooses not to have her face linked to her story yet, which I understand and respect. I am so glad to have met these wonderful ladies, and get advice, share stories, and just a chance to talk to people who just... get it.

So what have you done this week? Link up or leave a comment on anything new you've done, eaten, cooked, made or tried this week!


  1. I'm so glad you joined us for Blogger's Night Out... it was nice to see you without our kiddos globbed onto our legs for once. :)

  2. Did you take photos of your Valentine's craft kits from last week? That would be fun to see!

  3. I haven't blogged this, so I'm not using Linky for it. But I took my girl to the zoo on Tuesday (which is not a new thing), and saw an echidna WALKING ALONG for the first time ever!!!! (I was - and am - quite disproportionately excited about this, I realise that. But it was awfully cute.)

  4. Sunny - It was great to see you again too! I know it feels impossible to get the whole litter of kids out and about for events!
    Jenni - I did. I posted them separately so that I could (hopefully) be featured on Dollar Store Crafts' site.

    SF - After looking up 'echidna's, I can see why you were so excited! I get all jazzed whenever the roaming zoo peacocks come near. Heck. We get all excited over squirrels coming to steal food out of our stroller.

  5. Ha ha - I LOVE squirrels! They are so cute - you're lucky, we don't have those classic picture-book type squirrels here, and even the little weird ones we do get are a real rarity.


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