Monday, January 17, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Eats, Shoots And Leaves

This week's Muffin Tin Monday has no theme, and I had a list of awesome themes tucked away, but never got around to doing one this week, and thought this one up late Sunday night, when I realized that it was Sunday night and I'd have to bang one out early Monday in order to have anyone actually see it this week!

The Panda Bear Eats, Shoots and Leaves
"Shoots and Leaves," PBH sandwiches, Panda cookies,
Colby Jack bears, Greek Yogurt w/honey, Banana bears
I just got these cute panda bear picks from Japan (via eBay) and was excited to get to use them finally!
I also got 2 sets of mini sandwich punches, each of which had a bear.
I used a mini bear veggie cutter from Daiso for the cheese and bananas. I had to cut the bananas lengthwise in order to get a surface large enough to make bears.

The panda cookies I got at a local Asian supermarket (Uwajimaya) in the International District on Sunday, after having Dim Sum for brunch [instead of doing my MTM. Oops!] Little Z was super excited to have Dim Sum, since we got a fun book from my sister for Christmas, Dim Sum For Everyone, and she's been asking for sweet pork buns, turnip cakes and sweet tofu, like they eat in the book. So she ate a sweet pork bun (my favorite!) and we tried turnip cakes for the first time! We didn't get around to sweet tofu, since we were kind of stuffed after getting all our favorites, plus trying a few new dishes.

I used a heart liner for the yogurt, since this muffin pan was used for cooking, so it has some brown residue from the nonstick spray. And if she has Greek honey yogurt, it MUST have honey on top too! In fact, that's how she says it every time. "Honey yogurt with honey on top."

And my favorite part? The PB celery! At the dawn of time (ie: before giving birth) I used to go to the bookstore. A lot. One time, I came across this book, Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation. I love punctuation and editing, and despise sloppy spelling and grammatical errors (in other people. I do it intentionally, for comedic effect!) Basically, if you add punctuation in the wrong place, you distort the meaning. For example, as in the title of the book, if you add a comma to "The panda bear eats shoots and leaves," you get some gangsta drive-by panda. So I had to incorporate this into the meal somehow, and I was thrilled to find celery in the veggie drawer! (I was going to settle for a few torn lettuce leaves that she wouldn't eat.)
I haven't read the book yet, since, at the time, I was poorish and couldn't just afford to buy any old book I wanted. And now that I can, I just don't have time to read books that don't have a mouse, a ducky, or tips on how to get your child to sleep! But I really, really want to read this book someday!
Pointing out all of her favorite tings in the lunch
(she pointed at each item.)
Licking off the panda pick before moving it to
the celery with the other one. Then she took
the first one out of the celery and
moved it to the yogurt!
Aaaaand she found the third pick
I hadn't used and put it in the bananas!

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  1. Those panda cookies are super cute! And of course OF COURSE I am a big fan of the bear theme! :-)

  2. I love your picks! This bamboo is so cute.

  3. Your lunch is absolutely adorable! You can come to my house and make me a muffin meal any day! You are so creative! I love the little pandas. They look so cute on the celery "bamboo!"

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love love love all your different bears (the picks and the different cutouts and the cookies) too cute. Great idea to use the celery as the bamboo.

  5. What a cute tin. I have a little stash of panda bento stuff.


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