Saturday, January 3, 2015

Top 14 of 2014!

To help me pick just fourteen of my favorites from 2014, I started with choosing one post from each month, then filled up with the ones that were most memorable to me! Check out more "Top 14" bento posts from all kinds of amazing bento bloggers over at Eats Amazing!

1. My favorite January post has got to be the toasted cheese Totoro in an EasyLunchbox for Little Z! 

2. Z's Macaroni "push-pop" lunch is my February favorite, mostly because I'm impressed with my own cleverness! Hahaha!

3. For March, how could I not pick the "Bee" a Friend anti-bullying lunch?

4. The Easter Egg Hunt lunch I sent for Z's lunch was a definite favorite all around!

5. I just love all the colors in these simple Planetbox lunches. So they're my pick for May!

6. I had fun making these CuteZCats lunches, and they turned out so cute!

7.  In July, we had fun building these lunches the girls packed themselves!

8. These Powerpuff Girls lunches were such a hit for our concert in the park picnic. Plus, adorbs!

9. These checkerboard sandwich bites were so quick and easy to make, and the girls loved them!

Build-Your-Own Mummy Pizzable Lunch for Halloween!
10. I enjoyed planning and making this DIY Mummy Pizzable for Halloween. So fun!

11. For November I chose this CuteZCute "Hamster and Cheese" Sandwich lunch in a Yumbox. 

12. This decorate-your-own gingerbread house 3-D sandwich is a no-brainer for my favorite December lunch!

Mama's Picks
13. One of my all-time favorites is the edible "April Fools" bouquet lunch I made for Z. I can look at it for hours. Well. Minutes, anyway. 

14, I really wanted to pick at least ONE of my pretty salads, but I just couldn't miss showing off Z's Franny K Stein lunch again! It was suuuuuuch a pain in my heinie to make! But came out so incredibly well!

What a fun year of lunches!

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