Thursday, June 5, 2014


CuteZCute kitty sandwiches in EasyLunchboxes!
I don't use my CuteZCute Animal Friends cutter set nearly often enough, which is a shame, as it's one of the few "large" cutters I have that actually fits the tiny gluten-free bread slices!

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To borrow a motif from Hello Kitty, I used a small flower veggie cutter on some carrot coins and made little flowers to decorate the CuteZCute Animal Friends kitty faces. My Kindergartener got a kitty fork pick in her berries for more cat-tasticness. And I ran a carrot through my veggie spiralizer to make "yarn" for the kitties to play with!

Toddler "Titty-Tat"
I love the "baby talk," and how my kids still mispronounce words. Especially when it makes them sound dirty! Lol!

E got the same lunch, with almost the same amount of food; she can really pack it away some days! Helps that she has all afternoon to nibble, while Big Sis is limited to just 20 minutes at school.

E was suuuuper excited with her CuteZCute "titty" sandwich and "boo-ries." She usually gets the short end of the stick as far as cute lunches go; being relegated to mini bites from sandwich and cheese scraps and such from Big Sister's lunches.

Tools of the Trade

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