Monday, September 22, 2014

Checkerboard Sandwich Bites

Everyone loves finger foods! So cutting a "boring" sandwich into little bites is always sure to please! Add in the alternating shades of bread and you have a very easy way to make it fun! You can either make one sandwich on darker bread and one on lighter then mix and match, or what I did here, which is one slice of each per sandwich and flip every other square. This is a fun idea for when you are finishing off one loaf of bread and starting on a different one, or to help motivate kids to warm up to the idea of "brown" whole wheat bread versus white all the time!

I added in some Driscoll's organic strawberries because they're a special treat every time!

[Driscoll's sent me coupons for free strawberries. This post contains affiliate links.]

Big Sister's Bunny Board
Gluten-free Sunbutter-jelly sandwich, organic carrots, Driscoll's organic strawberries
Both girls got their own little checkerboards, which I just hand-cut, although you could make this very easily with a FunBites Squares cutter. I was just too lazy to find it...
I included a bunny fork pick to make the sandwich bites more fun to eat.

Toddler Bites
Driscoll's organic strawberries, organic apple, carrots, and tomatoes, GF Sunbutter-jelly sandwich
Little Sis got a kitty fork pick because she's more into kitties and puppies, versus Big Sister's bunny love.

After-School Snack
GF Sunbutter-jelly sandwich bites, organic apples and grapes
Both sandwiches made 12 bites each, but I preferred the look of 9 per lunch, so I skewered the extras with music note picks and packed them with some more fruit for an after-school snack for the girls to share. Between the leftovers in Z's lunch and this extra snack, we were quite popular with Z's favorite school friends on the playground!

Tools of the Trade
     medium music picks 

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