Friday, January 30, 2015

"Blue Friday" Seahawks Bento

I made my 1st Grader a special lunch for Blue Friday and the upcoming Superbowl! Not that she is aware of much more than an upcoming visit to her favorite Auntie's house this Sunday!

"Blue Friday" Bento
GF goat cheese and ham sandwich, GF vegan brownie, organic blueberries and sugar snap peas
I was able to make a football-shaped sandwich using one of the larger circles in my circle cutter set - just make a circle (or most of one!) and then move the cutter up until the sides intersect the sandwich in a football shape! Easy as pie! I used a knife to cut some goat cheese scraps to make the stitching, and placed them on after I flipped the sandwich over in the oven. I used mayo instead of butter on the bread for the first time. She loooooves mayo, so it's sure to be a hit!

I stole this Seahawks cupcake ring off a cupcake that was up for grabs at the school PTSO meeting this week - since it was covered in fake colors and filled with gluten, I left the cupcake for someone else to enjoy.

There were also some vegan gluten-free brownies at the meeting, so I took a few home and used the same technique as the sandwich with a smaller circle to make a football shape there too. This one's smaller because it's under-inflated. *wink wink* (Oh, yes, I went there!) I had a little leftover dairy-free "buttercream" icing my sister made for us, so I put a bit in a sandwich baggie, snipped a tiny opening in the corner, and piped on the stitches!

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