Friday, June 27, 2014

School (and Preschool!) Lunch Round-Up


Toddler Nibbles
E's Lunch: Corn cake and PB "sandwich;" organic tomatoes, carrots, grapes, apples
4/21/13 - A super simple lunch for the toddler! Big Sis had something fancy that day, and I just didn't have it in me for another fancy one too! She did get some flower veggie cutter carrots.

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Toddler Leftovers
E's Lunch: Organic apples, raspberries, carrots; leftover teriyaki SPAM, organic brown rice
4/22/13 - Hubby discovered a Hawaiian restaurant that makes SPAM Musubi that is amazing (and gluten-free!) I attempted to make a deconstructed version using Turkey SPAM and brown rice. It was okay. Not as good, but definitely worth doing again! E went crazy for it, so I gave her some leftovers for lunch.

Toddler Cracker Stackers
E's Lunch: Organic carrots and apples, goat cheddar, dark chocolate heart, rice crackers
4/23/14 - MOMables Cracker Stackers are always a big hit with my girls!

Cheesy Noodles
Z's Lunch: Organic grapes and carrots, leftover rice noodles with cheddar, 1/2 HB egg
4/29/14 - I had a bunch of rice noodles left over from dinner, so I tossed them in a little olive oil to keep them from clumping and added some shredded cheese and packed them for lunch!

E's Lunch: 1/2 HB egg, leftover rice noodles w/cheddar; organic carrots, tomatoes, and strawberries
4/29/14 - Same thing for Little Sis!

Toddler Fried Rice
E's Lunch: Organic tomatoes, grapes, and blueberries; leftover chicken fried rice and veggies, cheddar scraps
4/30/14 - I put some leftovers from PF Chang's in a silicone girl mold for E, and some Pelican Chompstix to practice with.

Butterfly Cracker Stackers
Z's Lunch: GF crackers, sharp cheddar, organic carrots and grapes
4/30/14 - I love this fancy butterfly mold, so I used a butterfly cutter to cut the cheddar for some Cracker Stackers for my Kindergartener. Little Sis got the cheese scraps.

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