Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Recycled" Salads - Leftover Salads Amped Up a Notch!

Sometimes I'm out of my pre-chopped salad mix and don't have time to make myself a lunch, or I'm just feeling lazy. Then I shop hungry, and get more food than I need. So I occasionally have a salad or part of a salad left over; and my problem is magically solved for the next day! Pre-made lunch! So I "recycle" them into a bigger lunch, and add extra goodies to help make up for filling up on junk the day before. Er, I mean, to make them even healthier!

Trader Joe's salad, leftover vegetarian "meatloaf" muffin w/ketchup, purple rice crackers, goat chevre cheese
11/25/13 - I got this Artichoke and Hearts of Palm Salad mix at Trader Joe's but ended up eating something else for dinner. So it became lunch! I added some hemp hearts in the little cup of slivered almonds.

Leftover Walnut Salad, leftover honey roasted carrots, chocolate-dipped peppermint stick and homemade GF "Oreos"
1/23/14 - I got a huge salad at Naked Pizza (their gluten-free crust has dairy in it, so I couldn't have any.) There was plenty left for my lunch the next day too!

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Sweet Cinnamon Good Beans with coconut chips, PopCorners, leftover Side Salad
1/31/14 - I got a $1 Side Salad at McD's along with my sweet tea one day I didn't have time to pack myself a lunch, but didn't end up having time to eat it. So I piled on more veggies and crunchies and made a real lunch! In addition to raisins, watermelon radish, and more tomatoes, I added hemp hearts and vegetarian coconut "bacon."

Organic apples, chocolate mint, Sunbutter and Enjoy Life Chips Ants on a Log, leftover Side Salad
2/7/14 - Another McSalad that didn't get eaten as intended. More nummies for me! I added more tomatoes and some raisins, chia seeds, and hemp hearts to amp up the nutrition.

Cocomels, Chocolate Barnana, mixed fruit, leftover Veggie and Brown Rice Salad
2/12/14 - I had a bunch of my Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice Salad Bowl from Starbucks left (Vanilla Soy Lattes are very filling!) It's pretty full of a variety of healthy veggies and grains already, but I added some watermelon radish and hemp hearts anyway.

Tools of the Trade
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