Friday, June 6, 2014

Plated for Dinner

I've been getting a weekly order of gourmet meal kits from and am loving it! Most recipes only take 30-40 minutes from chop to finish, and the directions are so good even I haven't managed to screw one up yet! (*Unless I deviate. Ahem.) Here are several weeks of delicious (and gorgeous!) Plated meals we've been enjoying.

Check out my first month of Plated meals, and even more reasons I love it so!

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Miso Rice-Stuffed Portobellos with Bok Choy
This was by far one of my favorite dishes yet! The lime miso was so good even my kids loved it! I've since had great success with a lime "butter" inspired by this dish. Z loves it in her rice and noodles, and mixed with steamed veggies.

I had to make a few easy subs to keep this dish dairy-free, but it was easy using oil instead of butter for sauteeing, and using Earth Balance Buttery Spread instead of butter in the lime miso.

Fontina Polenta with Roasted Spring Veggies
Hubby loved this one - he's a big polenta fan! To make this dairy-free I just skipped adding any of the cheeses they sent (although I sprinkled some on Hubby's for him.)

Cauliflower Leek Fritters with Butter Lettuce Salad
These fritters were mighty tasty! I messed them up a bit by being lazy and microwave-steaming the cauliflower without draining the little bit of excess water. Which made them basically more like a hash than fritters. Tasty, tasty hash.

I skipped the spicy harissa sauce, and subbed in gluten-free bread crumbs for the flour.

Spicy Coconut Rice Noodles with Kale
This kit sat in my fridge too long (over a week, I'm ashamed to say,) so the basil had gone bad. I made-do without, and then burnt the coconut chips. *sigh* (The bean sprouts had also gone bad, but I managed to salvage a few for the photo. Which then got gobbled up by my kids!)

I only used half of the chili powder, and added some garam masala curry powder instead. And only used the tiniest dip of a spoon tip of the gochujang paste. I'm not a fan of spicy hotness. But despite all my alterations, this was still quite delicious.

Seared Tuna Salad with Citrus Ginger Dressing
I normally eat vegetarian (and mostly vegan, at that,) but this week's other options were so full of gluten and dairy I would have had to throw half my food out! So I went with this tuna dish. I cooked it longer than called for, since I'm not a fan of raw textures. I didn't have to make any other changes to this dish though. Nom!

White Bean Fritters with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
So far Hubby and I have been big fans of all the fritter and patty recipes from the Plated menu. These were no exception! I had to skip the pecorino and Parmesan cheeses, but they weren't missed! There were way too many sun-dried tomatoes for my taste, so I doubled up on beans and added a can of garbanzo I had in the pantry. More fritters for another day!

I've had to make several alterations to keep our meals gluten- and dairy-free, but if you aren't vegetarian too, it's easy to find at least two gluten- and dairy-free options each week. But most weeks I can get away with very minor substitutions with ingredients I have on-hand. Easy-peasy!

Dinner is Plated!

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